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Dealing with Hip Dysplasia as a New Mom

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Seven years ago, almost to the day, I became a new mom.  I was both over prepared and under prepared for just about everything.  We brought our daughter, born 3 weeks early, to an apartment we had just moved in to two days before. Thankfully,  I’d had the foresight to enlist the help of a friend to help me get the kitchen unpacked the day we moved in.  There were things I was prepared for and others, like hip dysplasia, that I wasn’t.

Hip Dysplasia

Our daughter was born with hip dysplasia which meant that her leg bone hadn’t fused in to the hip socket.  If the dysplasia wasn’t corrected, one of her legs would be shorter than the other.  I was so grateful for the pediatrician who caught it and so terrified of dealing with it at the same time.  She had to wear a full body brace for the first few months of her life. I honestly can’t remember how long now even though it seemed like forever then!

The brace could not come which meant she could not have a bath.  We had to sponge bathe around the brace.  It also meant all her cute little clothes didn’t fit quite right.  I couldn’t hold her close and cuddle her in to my arms because the brace kept her legs up and out.  It was heartbreaking.

But now? I barely remember it and I’m so thankful to have a 7 year old who runs and jumps and plays without worry about her legs.  We are so blessed to have a healthy little girl!  So take those moments in stride, mama! They will all work out in the end.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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1 Comment
  • Jenn
    July 16, 2013

    I was born with something similar – congenital dislocated hip. I had to wear a brace with held my legs out to the side. My Mom says she can’t really remember me having it now; it’s all lost in the blur…