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The Day Mom Said “Yes!”

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One day I picked up my daughter from my sister’s house.  My sister related an incidence that day.  My daughter had asked for a pair of shoes at a store and my sister told her no.  In complete shock, my daughter told her: “You’re not supposed to say no! Mom says NO!”  Yikes!  Kohl’s slogan this Mother’s Day is “Yes to Mom.”  Moms say NO to their kids a lot but what would happen if Mom said YES to the kids all day long?

Cooking with kids

If I said yes all day long, we’d start our day off with ice cream.  Or candy.  Or chocolate or some other type of really healthy food group.   I might get lucky and they’d ask for waffles, but usually it’s ice cream or candy.  Regardless of what it was, the kids would have to help make it!

Lightening McQueen

Next, we head out to do something fun.  My kids do not believe in just staying home.  There is a world to conquer, things to do, places to explore! This request usually involves some type of amusement park like the Adventuredome, LEGOLAND… or even Disneyland!

Mommy and Miles

Next up would be lunch at their favorite fast food restaurant – with dessert.  This usually includes a restaurant with some type of play area, chicken fingers and french fries.

Mom and Ella

After lunch we’d head home for an afternoon of TV watching. This would also include any candy or ice cream left over from breakfast or, preferably, popcorn with lots and lots of butter!  I’m pretty sure they’d manage to get through a few seasons of “Young Justice” if given enough time.

Family hike

After eating their way through a season of their favorite TV show, we’d need dinner. Maybe.  Sometimes my kids would rather just skip the dinner part and head right in to an evening activity.   Taking a walk or a hike is their current favorite evening activity.  But it must be a walk to their favorite park and we would stay until it was dark on our walk home.  Or we could just head to our nearest state park for a nice hike with dog!

Silly faces with Miles

Now that it’s evening, we’d normally be taking baths and heading to bed, but not if I said “Yes!” all day.  We’d skip the bath and tooth brushing and head right in to an evening snack. More candy! More ice cream!  And bedtime? Forget about it!  In fact, PJs would be totally optional, too.   Our day would end with Mom dropping in to bed exhausted while the kids watched a few movies on the couch.

And I have to admit that aside from all that candy, it sounds like a pretty fun day!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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