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12 Tech Free Date Night Activities

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Looking for some new and fun date night activities? Get out from behind the screen and spend some quality time with your spouse with these 12 fun ideas – one for each month – for a date night free from technology.

tech free date night activities

I love technology, but I hate my husband’s cell phone.  If it was up to me, I’d throw that baby out the window and never look back.  I swear he spends more time with his nose in his cell phone some days than he does looking at me and it is the #1 thing we argue about. How ridiculous is that?! I’m not exactly innocent on the looking-at-your-cell-phone-ignoring-your-spouse front, either.  With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it was time to find some tech free ways to spend quality time with my one and only.

Here’s the thing about men – they really aren’t in to sitting over a cup of coffee and chatting like us women are.  We love our face to face time, don’t we girls? But guys, they prefer “shoulder to shoulder” time.  Oh they will talk but it usually has to be while you are actively participating in something else.  So I thought hard to find activities that will hopefully help husbands open up, provide a little alone time, and hopefully have some fun while doing it.

Looking for some new and fun date night activities? Get out from behind the screen and spend some quality time with your spouse with these 12 fun ideas - one for each month - for a date night free from technology.

January – Go Roller or Ice Skating: I’m a little more partial to roller skating, but if you like ice, then January is the perfect time to spend some time on it.  This is such a fun way to not only spend time together, but get your body moving too.

February – Learn a New Board Game: Not all board games are great for two players, but they do exist.  It’d be even more fun to find another couple to play cards or a game with.  We have Lost Cities, but Jaipur also looks fun.

March –  Eat out at a Super Uber Fancy Restaurant: You can do this any month, but March is our anniversary so that’s why I picked it.  Save up your pennies and pick the most expensive restaurant you’ve always wanted to try and go.  My husband surprised me last year by taking me on a random Saturday night to a fancy restaurant I’ve always wanted to eat at. I panicked a little at the bill, but I remember every bite and every moment together. It was so worth it!

April – Exercise/Fitness Class/Tennis: This one is for my husband. The man loves to play tennis. I do not. But I love him enough to go and play with him for as long as he can stand chasing the ball around a court.  Find your spouse’s activity and go do it.

May – Live Music or Event:  Buy tickets to a concert or simply find some live musicians playing at a coffee house.  Whatever it is, go and enjoy.

fun date night activity camping

JuneGo Camping Alone:  Even if it’s in the backyard! Pitch a tent, hook up the camper or just throw some sleeping bags outside.  Light some candles, have a fire, and look at the stars.

JulyGo on A Picnic:  I love this! It does not have to be fancy.  Go pick up a chicken meal at the grocery store, find a picnic table somewhere and enjoy the summer evening together.

AugustSee A Show: Not a movie! No screens allowed, remember.  There are so many great summer theater options so pick one and go see a live performance.

SeptemberHiking:  We love to hike but our kids kind of restrict where we can go so it’s nice to just go alone, enjoy nature and hike places we can’t go with the kids.  If you don’t like to hike, take a walk around the block or on the beach.  Find a beautiful place the two of you love and go enjoy it.

OctoberCreate a Couples Halloween Costume: This is so not me. I’m a firm believer that Halloween is for kids, but my husband loves Halloween and loves dressing up.  Get creative and make a fun couples Halloween costume. To make it better – don’t tell your kids and surprise them on Halloween.

NovemberDesign and Address Family Christmas Cards: One of the biggest hurdles I have in sending Christmas card is finding time to actually do them.  So get them done early!  Brew up some coffee or hot cocoa and spend the evening addressing Christmas cards and sharing stories about the people on your list.

DecemberVolunteer Together: December is so busy! Pick a night and find somewhere to volunteer whether it’s at church, a school, or just shopping for toys to donate.  Do something for someone else and do it together.


Any month – you don’t actually have to go do anything to let your honey you know you love them. For the past decade of our marriage, my husband has given me a Hallmark card for every Christmas and Valentine’s Day we’ve been together.  I love the cards because he takes the time to go and pick one out that is perfect for us.  I’m able to keep the cards tucked away and I pull them out every year and read back.  It’s like a little history book of our love story.  So even if you can’t make a special date night, pick up a card this Valentine’s Day and remind them that they are special to you.

Get out from behind the screen and spend some quality time with your spouse with these fun ideas for a date night free from technology.


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