Sidewalk Chalk
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My kids are almost 4 and 6 right now and I am just now to the point where the idea of a kids craft project doesn't make me hyperventilate.   The 6 year old is just fine and can make a craft with little to no mess.  The 3 year old is still a work in progress but thank goodness he has his older sister or he'd never know how to do crafts (ahem).  I try really hard to do craft time while he's napping but for years, I just didn't bother doing many crafts with kids because it was just too difficult.   Besides the mess, up until a few months ago, they were both still putting anything and everything in their mouths!  I mostly gave up.

Lucky for us, one mom out there did not give up.  She was an artist and she wanted her small kids to have an art experience without the possibility of putting toxic ingredients in their mouths.  Thus, We Can Too Art Supplies was born. We Can Too sells a line of organic, edible, and eco-friendly art products for kids 3 and under.   Their product line began with finger paint and let me tell you that I have never allowed my kids the pleasure of finger painting! I know, they suffer, but I just hated the thought of washing out little mouths!  They have expanded their products to include crayons, sidewalk chalk and other paints.

We Can Too sent us a few products to try even though my kids are beyond the suggested age range.  They still loved and enjoyed them! The first thing we tried was the tempera paint set, which for some reason I read as FACE paint. Hm.  So that's what we did!

We Can Too face paint

My daughter was so unimpressed with the powder.   Then we add water and….

We Can Too paint

Paint! With glitter, no less!  I put them in the bath tub, handed over the paint and brushes, and they went to town. I obviously don't have photos of that, but let me assure you much fun was had by all. The best part was that I just hosed them right down afterwards.

We Can Too Sidewalk Chalk

We also tried out the Veggie Sidewalk Chalk.   I always dreaded sidewalk chalk when they were little because it lasted about 5 seconds before someone started eating it.  We had to wait a few weeks for the weather to cool off so we didn't get heat stroke while testing this out.  My kids loved this.  I wondered if it would work well and it was no different than the conventional chalk. My kids had no idea it was safe!

Sidewalk Chalk

Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching — time to slip a link to We Can Too into an email to the grandparents! Seriously, if you want to do art with your littlest kiddos, We Can Too is the solution!

We Can Too is sponsoring a prize as part of the Keeping Kids Creative Giveaway starting MONDAY!

Come back then and enter to win!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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