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The Cordless Phone for Mom from VTech

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Growing up we lived in a neighborhood with about 10 other kids the same age as my sisters and I.  We pretty much had free run of the neighborhood and most of the neighbors homes. I remember one of the neighborhood moms seemed to always be on the phone.  Back then the phones were mostly attached to the wall and hers had a cord on it that was long enough for her to travel the entire length of their house while she was on the phone usually talking the the handset tucked between her ear and her shoulder.  Oh how things have changed!

Now, I mostly use my cell phone at home even though we do have a home phone line.  But have you ever tried tucking a cell phone between your ear and shoulder while you also folded laundry or chopped veggies for dinner? Yeah, doesn’t work so well, does it? Enter the VTech DS6670-6C, which I think is the perfect phone for any mom who is busy at home all day long.


The DS6670-6C is perfect for the multi-tasking mom with a full house. With five handsets and a headset, mom and her whole family can stay connected throughout the house. The headset makes hand-free communication easy while tending to other work and responsibilities.  Oh my goodness – I LOVE this headset! I can’t believe I waited this long to get one. I was able to talk to my sister while doing and afternoon pick up of the house without juggling phones and toys at the same time.

How many times have you accidentally left your cell phone in your purse to realize a few hours later you missed a few calls?  Connect to Cell technology allows the user to pair up to two different cell phone lines to the system to avoid missing an important phone call because of a cell phone in another room (or at the bottom of your purse). Have a service dead spot in your home? The DS6670-6c’s Connect to Cell technology will take care of that! Just place your cell where it gets the best reception and pair if to the VTech phone’s base, then walk around freely making or receiving mobile line calls on the DS6670 handsets or headset! You don’t even need a landline phone to take advantage of this phone.

Check out this video to see how this amazing phone works!

You can get your own DS6670-6C EXCLUSIVELY online at! Make sure to Like VTech on Facebook and Follow VTech on Twitter, too!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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