Give the gift of creation this year with these cool craft kits for kids. Crafting and creating is a ton of fun. Not just for kids, but adults too. When you introduce a new craft, it can open up a world of imagination and creation. From sewing, painting, weaving, and even quilting you will find a way to spark creativity with your craft kit gift.

Cool craft kits for kids make a fun Christmas gift! These are perfect for families or friends to spend time together. From science kits to pretend play to learning how to knit or make bracelets, find a craft kit for every kid in this awesome list.

30 Cool Craft Kits for Kids

  1. Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit: Bring the magic of fairies anywhere by building a miniature garden.
  2. Recycled Paper Bead Kit: Recycle paper to make beautiful and unique beads.
  3. Sew Mini Treats: Learn how to sew while making these cute food plushies.
  4. Thread Bowls Kit: Make three adorable small trinket bowls made from thread.
  5. LEGO® Chain Reactions Craft Kit: Build moving machines with your favorite building blocks.
  6. Felted Friends: Felt is a great media to use when making crafts. With this kit you can use it make some pretty cute furry friends.
  7. Magnetic Mini Tile Art: Turn your artwork into magnets that you can use everyday.
  8. String Art Kit: Use simple string to make a work of art.
  9. Craft Knot A Quilt Kit: Making a quilt doesn't have to be difficult…. all you need to do is start with some knots.
  10. Yarn Tree Kit: Create yarn trees that puts your jewelry on display.
  11. SunPrint Paper Kit: The power of the sun can help you make a beautiful craft.
  12. Yarn-Storming Machine: Get a feel for knitting with the help of this yarn machine.
  13. Rip & Stick Duct Tape Wallet: Make your very own wallet out of duct tape!
  14. Ultimate Wrap Bracelets: With over 600 beads, charms, thread, and more you can create some incredibly detailed bracelets.
  15. Color Your Own Glitter Messenger Bag Kit: Create a one of a kind bag with this craft kit.
  16. Color Your Own Water Bottle Kit: Turn an ordinary water bottle into a useful piece of art.
  17. Paper Bowl Kit: Colorful paper turns into a functioning and beautiful craft.
  18. Natural Rock Art Kit: Painting rocks is a great way to make a unique craft.
  19. Pressed Flower Art Kit: Use pressed flowers to make bookmarks, greeting cards, and even small boxes.
  20. My First Origami Kit: Master the craft of origami, even if you have never tried it before.
  21. Make Clay Charms Craft Kit: Clay can be transformed into some cute charms.
  22. Make Your Own Mini Erasers Toy: With the help of eraser clay, you can make some adorable and colorful erasers.
  23. Stencil Art Kit: With over 70 stencils, markers, and sticker sheets, you can create beautiful art.
  24. Fingerprint Fabulous Craft Kit: Make some creative art with the help of your fingerprints.
  25. Grow Your Own Crystal Jewelry: Not only can you make your own jewelry, now you can grow it!
  26. Tiny Stitches Kit: Learn how to embroider and make detailed pieces of jewelry.
  27. Make Your Own Washi Tape Stickers: Washi tape stickers?!? Yes please.
  28. Twisted Critters: The Pipe Cleaner Book: Use pipe cleaners to make some cute and fuzzy critters.
  29. Make Paper Lantern Animals Toy: I love paper lanterns. Now you can turn them into animals with this craft kit.
  30. The Shrinky Dinks Book: Design and make shrinky dinks anyway you would like.
  31. Kiss Naturals: I recently discovered these fun DIY kits that include kits to make your own hair chalk, lip gloss, and more!

Give gifts that cause a creative spark with these craft gift kits. Happy crafting!

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