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18 comments on “Contact Me

  1. My husband had a Christmas stocking knit for him when he was a baby in 1947. My mother in law knit one for me and each of of 5 children. She also did 2 of my sons in law and 3 grandchildren before she passed away. I am looking for someone to do 2 sons in law and 7 grandchildren for next Christmas. If I send you the pattern will you have a look to see if it’s something you could do for me?

  2. Did you make the cookie mix as a drop cookie or roll out cookie when using the spoon mold?

  3. Pam Shifflett on said:

    Do i sift the powdered sugar for the butter pecan fudge recipe

  4. Juanita tiller on said:

    Hi Camille- would love to have patterns for easy knit dishcloths to give to my grand-daughters and daughter for Christmas– I love to knit but not very good at it– thanks so much

  5. Alaina Broome on said:

    Hi Camille,I just stumbled across your page looking for something that I can do with a can of coconut milk that I have. I just want to know if y’all are doing okay? Since y’all are in Vagas.

    Alaina Broome SSG(Ret) John 3:16

    • Thank you, Alaina, for asking! Yes, we are doing fine. Still very sad but watching our community rally together has been amazing. And thank you for your service. Vegas is home to many military families and we appreciate every one of you! #VegasStrong

  6. Hello, I just came upon your web page, Thank you for sharing your recipes. Do you happen to have a button I can add to my blog so I can simply click it to pop over here?
    If now can I make one to add to my blog that lads here?


  7. Paula Hughes on said:

    Hi Camille,

    I’m Paula, a food blogger.

    I’m crafting a roundup article which includes 20 best slow cooker chicken recipes from top food bloggers.

    And I respectfully invite you to participate in my article. Since you have a really good piece:

    Also, my blog has 98000+ pageviews per month. It would help you gain so much traffic to your blog.

    Do you have any better slow cooker chicken recipe and want to have it featured on my article?

    If you do, please provide me the URL of your recipe and give me a little note about it.

    P.S. In this roundup article, I will:

    Neither reprint your recipe nor list the ingredients and the directions. I promise!
    Only 1 image of your recipe
    A short description
    A link back to the recipe on your blog

    Are these clear enough for you?

  8. lisa on said:

    I was wondering if the food & fitness planner was still available for download? I have tried several time to sign up at the bottom of this post ( but nothing happens…

  9. Hi. I would really like the recipe for Rosie’s Mac and Cheese on your blog, but there is only a picture with a short description. No recipe. Also, your contact form doesn’t allow people to add anything other than their name and email address. Hope this helps. Have a great day and thank you in advance for the recipe. It looks intriguing! Here is the link I found (the other url in the post about 15 meatless meals doesn’t work). 🙁 Thanks again!

  10. Jenny on said:

    I was wondering if the amazon prime winner had been picked. Do you post the winners somewhere?

    • Yes, we did! And no we don’t because of liability reasons. But the winner was chosen and she received her prize from Amazon. Thanks for entering!

  11. Teresa OBrien on said:

    On your Cavetini Supreme Baked Pasta recipe d does it call for 2-4 oz jars of mushrooms or 1 24 oz. jar?