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Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

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Go on a family Christmas light scavenger hunt with this free printable for a contact-less, quarantine approved Christmas tradition.




It’s 2020 so that means that your Christmas traditions may look a little different this year. 2020 is a great year to start a new family tradition – a Christmas lights Scavenger hunt!  This the perfect contact-less, quarantine-friendly, family fun you will have all year. 

How to host a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt


First, print out the Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt list for free! Just fill out the form above and we will email it right to you. 

Christmas lights scavenger hunt lists

Next, print out enough copies for each person in your family or that will fit into your car. Each person will also need a pen, pencil, or marker to mark off the lights found.  

The night of the scavenger hunt, make up some travel cups of hot chocolate and pack some homemade Red and Green Christmas Pinwheel Cookies or Slow Cooker Chex Mix. Pile everyone in your car and let the scavenger hunt begin!

There are a lot of options on how to do the scavenger hunt. You could:

  • It’s great to do the Christmas Light Scavenger hunt as a cooperative activity – meaning everyone works together to find everything on the list. Or you can each compete individually and hand out little prizes to the winner. 
  • Instead of hopping in the car, you could also bundle up and go out on foot! This works especially well in a more urban setting with lots of houses around.
  • This would also be a fun game for a socially distanced Christmas party. Have each family or couple in their own cars. Set a time limit and the car with the most items checked off the list at the end of the time wins. 

No matter how you decide to do it, your first annual Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt is sure to become a new tradition. 

This article may contain affiliate links.

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