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Ideas, suggestions, reviews, tips and tricks for making your home run smoothly and efficiently while having family fun.

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Bonding with Dogs and Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats

Bonding with our dogs is important. They show us so much love and affection everyday. Finding small ways like a …

52 Date Night Ideas for a Year of Dates

Alright, raise your hand if you love date night but hate planning date night?  It’s hard to find the time …

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5 Amazingly Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks for Spring Cleaning

Every month  our home gets a thorough professional cleaning by a cleaning service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay sparkling clean …

Kitchen Appliances with GE Premium Finishes

This post is sponsored by Best Buy.

Choosing a finish for the appliances for your kitchen …

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The Ultimate House Cleaning Schedule

Keep your home shining with a house cleaning schedule binder! Create schedules for daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal house cleaning …

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5 Reasons the Google Pixelbook is Great for Families

Pixelbook is the newest Chromebook from Google and it’s gotten a major upgrade. This high performance Chromebook is full of …