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Ribbon Christmas Card

Personalized photo Christmas cards are always fun to receive in the mail.  But often, they just get tossed in the trash on January 1st.  This year I’m personalizing my photo Christmas cards even more by adding a recipe to the back of each card. Yes, I know that[…]

  As I mentioned yesterday, I recently became interested in using reusable feminine products.  As a former cloth diapering mama, I am familiar with cloth products and just love them.  But it took me a few years to venture in to the world of  ‘mama cloths’.  Overall, though,[…]

Just a warning that this post is about feminine “issues” and while I try to be as delicate as possible, well… it is what it is! When my daughter was around six months old, I decided to try out cloth diapers.  I was tired of spending so much[…]

When my husband and I were first married, we had friends who had a 7 year old daughter who was obsessed with Polly Pockets.  My husband’s daughter was just 4 at the time so we were still in to Blues Clues and Elmo, but I fell in love[…]

hot dog recipe

Last Spring my parents generously offered to fly my entire family of two adults and three kids out to visit them in my hometown in Michigan.   Wanting desperately to escape the Las Vegas summer heat,  my husband and I decided that a six week stay would be perfect. […]

doll dress cake

For my daughter’s 6th birthday her grandmother bought her a chocolate fountain so I was pretty sure I was free and clear on the cake.  WRONG. Apparently, it is not a birthday if there is not cake. Never mind that all they eat is the frosting.  So when[…]

I do not normally purchase convenience foods for my kids.  I prefer to control what goes in to my kids food and save money while doing so.  I am, however, a realist and sometimes we just need some convenience foods on hand.  My entire family loves gummy candy. […]

For me summer is prime photo taking time.  This summer my entire family (me and my 2 sisters) will be at my parents at the same time.  This doesn’t happen often so I’ve been taking photos like crazy!  And while I’m not the world’s best photographer, I do[…]

  My kids love to play dress up.  In fact, most days find my 5 year old daughter “dressed” for the day in something other than her own clothing.  She wears everything from her own holiday dresses to her sisters clothes to, of course, costumes.  They really love[…]

  I hope you are celebrating with parades, food and fireworks!