Want something easy for New Year’s Eve? This slow cooker mulled wine is perfect! Toss the ingredients into your crock pot and you’re done! Slow Cooker Mulled Wine The best thing about this is, obviously, how easy it is. Though it also tastes great. Zach thought it was[…]

Build your library this year with one, or more, of these fun Hanukkah books for kids! My kids have never ending questions about Hanukkah. It’s hard for them to wrap their minds around Hanukkah since we don’t live a Jewish lifestyle all year long.  But reading kid stories[…]

Start a new Hanukkah tradition this year with your family! Try new recipes, new Hanukkah stories, and new Menorahs for a fun, meaningful celebration.

Spend more time together as a family celebrating with these fun, new Hanukkah traditions, including a personalized Hanukkah book sponsored by Hallmark. As I have mentioned before, my husband was raised Jewish and while we aren’t raising our children in the Jewish religion, I do like to celebrate the[…]

Gather the kids to decorate graham crackers for an easy Hanukkah cookie recipe kids will love to make. One of my kids favorite holidays is Hanukkah.  My husband was raised Jewish and even though we aren’t raising our children in the Jewish faith, it’s important to me that[…]

potato pancakes

This post brought to you by Simply Potatoes. All opinions are 100% mine. Potato pancakes are quick and easy to make for breakfast or dinner.  Simply Potatoes hashbrowns are combined with a few basic ingredients to help you get your family fed.   One of the very first conversations[…]

Rosh Hashanah Cards

Make apple and thumb print Rosh Hashanah cards to give away for the new year! Kids love making and personalizing these fun cards. While I was perusing the internet and Pinterest for Rosh Hashanah ideas, I came across a lot of cute crafts using apples and bees (for[…]

rosh hashanah recipes

Rosh Hashanah is quickly approaching! Time to plan the menu.  This year I really wanted to try some new and unusual dishes because everyone is getting tired of roast chicken with honey glazed carrots.  Here are a few rosh hashanah recipes I found around the internet to inspire[…]


Making latkes may seem easy, but I struggled to find a good recipe.  Finally, after years of trying, I realized that the potatoes need to be very finely shredded until mushy to get the right consistency.  Adding just a few, rather than a lot of, of additional ingredients[…]