Easy do it yourself projects for the beginner DIYer. Projects include woodworking, crafting. cooking, canning, paper crafts and anything else you can make yourself.

I found this gift idea in an Advent devotional that I’m using this season.  The author suggested the recipe as a way for the reader to find some indulgence during the busy holiday season, but I thought this would make easy and fun gifts. You can use a[…]

For the past few years I’ve been wanting to incorporate an advent wreath in to our Christmas celebration.  We had one growing up and it had a teeny tiny manger in the middle. I have fond memories of light the candles every week.  My husband was raised Jewish[…]

I am re-decorating my daughters’ room with a ballet theme and I’m determined to use what I have on hand first!  I’ve been trying to get rid of a small Tinkerbell table for about a year now, but Ella loves it too much!  So when I saw this[…]

We purchased our town home just over two years ago.  The town home is only about 6 years old (an old house in Las Vegas is about 25-30 years old!) so aside from some shoddy construction and corner cutting made by the builder, our home is in pretty[…]

The minute I saw these, I knew I had to have them!  We have got a TON of books because I have a hard time not buying books for the kids because I want them to love to read. You should see my Amazon.com Wishlist!  I’ve always liked[…]