Easy crafts that anyone can create quickly.

Boo Halloween Craft

Now that the school season is in full swing, it’s time to focus on Halloween!  This is a super easy and fun craft to make.  If you already have the Mod Podge and scrapbook paper, it’s also pretty inexpensive.  Mod Podge is pretty useful lasts forever and is[…]

  I made this newborn set as a baby gift for a friend to give.  The hat is Roar by Tot Toppers and the mittens I just winged.  I’m terrible at sewing on embellishments so the points were not as nice as I wanted! But it still works.

I am re-decorating my daughters’ room with a ballet theme and I’m determined to use what I have on hand first!  I’ve been trying to get rid of a small Tinkerbell table for about a year now, but Ella loves it too much!  So when I saw this[…]

I am in the (very slow) process of re-decorating the bedroom that our daughter’s share.  The previous “theme” was Pink Disaster Area. I thought it might be time to get organized and find a place for all the Barbies and Squinkies and find a nice theme to add[…]

My first experience with yarn crafting was when I was in upper elementary school.  I joined a 4-H club (4-H is a BIG DEAL in Michigan) where I learned to sew, cross stitch, bake, crochet and do other various crafts.  In fact, I think we called our group[…]