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The Best Carpet for Families with Pets

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This post is sponsored by Flooring America but the pets belong to us!

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while then you may know that the Gabel’s are a family of pet lovers. We currently have 4 furry members of our family:

Felix is a 13 year old rescue cat who has lived with us since he was 6 months old. He is my work and snuggle buddy. BJ is an orange tabby cat and Midgie is a black and white big boy (yes his name is Midgie).  Both BJ and Midgie were strays who showed up in our backyard in some point. BJ has been with us for about 10 years and I think Midgie finally decided to call us “his” about 4-5 years ago. He came and went a lot at first so it’s hard to remember!

And last but certainly not least is our girl, Ginger.  Ginger is a 4 year old labradoodle rescue.  Ginger needed a new home when she was just a year old and we took her. To say she  keeps us on our toes would be an understatement. But she’s the best family dog we could’ve asked for.

All these pets mean a little extra work around the house for the kids who are the primary caretakers for feeding and cleaning up after their animals. It also means a little extra work when it comes to keeping the house clean and free of hair and fur.  Our old, beat up, builder grade carpet needs to replaced and when it goes, we are definitely looking in to getting STAINMASTER’S PetProtect Carpeting!

5 Reasons STAINMASTER’S PetProtect Carpeting
is the BEST Carpet for Families with Pets

1. IT RESISTS PET STAINS – Our pets are litter and house trained, but accidents happen. STAINMASTER’S PetProtect Carpeting has built-in stain resistance so there is no permanent damage done when an accident happens.

2. IT RELEASES PET HAIR – One of the biggest complaints I hear about having pets is all the hair.  That’s not a problem with this carpet! Spend less time vacuuming because PetProtect carpeting releases more pet hair when vacuumed.

3. IT REDUCES PET ODOR – There is nothing worse then a smelly carpet from pet odors.  STAINMASTER PetProtect carpet system helps keep pet accidents from soaking through the cushion and subfloor, reducing odors when thoroughly cleaned.

4. IT PROTECTS AGAINS FADING – Strong sun can cause carpet to fade. PetProtect, however, offers the strongest available protection against fading so it looks newer longer.

5. IT STAYS NEWER-LOOKING FOR LONGER – We have builder grade beige carpet in our home and it hasn’t exactly stood the test of time, kids or pets. But with STAINMASTER’s PetProtect stain-resistant carpet’s unsurpassed durability, the mad dash of paws isn’t a big deal.

If that’s not enough, Flooring America will make a donation to Pets for Patriots — improving the lives of veterans and companion pets — and your readers will save up to $500 off on select styles of pet-friendly, kid-friendly STAINMASTER carpeting during Flooring America’s Fall Into Savings Event. Now is a great time to look in to replacing your old carpets with STAINMASTER PetProtect!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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