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CareNow: A Convenient Urgent Care for Busy Moms

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One of the hardest moments as a parent is when your child is sick, especially when it’s on a weekend or late in the day when the doctor’s office is closed. You just feel so helpless and want to do anything you can to make them feel better. Luckily, I have a CareNow Urgent Care close to home, where I can go when this happens!

A few years ago, our oldest daughter told me that her throat hurt a little bit. She has a pretty high pain tolerance, so I knew that a “little bit” for her probably meant it was worth getting checked out. She also seemed to be developing a rash. Of course, she waited until later in the evening to inform me that she was not feeling well. Did I mention it was a Saturday night? Our pediatrician’s office was obviously closed, so I asked a few friends for recommendations for urgent care. One of my friends recommended CareNow Urgent Care.

I did a quick search online and was able to find the closest CareNow Urgent Care location to our home. With over 100 locations across the country, there is likely one near you, too! Find your closest location at

Once we arrived at CareNow, we signed in and waited. CareNow also offers convenient Web Check-In, so you can actually wait at home until it’s your time to be seen. No more sitting in the waiting room wondering when it’ll be your turn. You can also choose a later time slot so you can be seen when it’s most convenient for you.

I was surprised at how large, clean, and bright the waiting area was. It really put my daughter at ease to be able to watch TV and relax while we waited. The front office staff handled our registration quickly and were very friendly and compassionate.

The doctor was great with my daughter and really proved that CareNow is a full service urgent care. The doctor ran a strep test on my daughter right in the office! CareNow also offers x-rays, sports physicals, and more. Learn about all the services CareNow provides on their website.

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My daughter tested positive for strep, and the doctor explained that the rash she had was part of the strep infection. They gave us a prescription, follow up instructions, and then we were on our way.

Our experience was efficient, informative, and helpful. When my husband experienced a nail issue a few months later, we knew exactly where to go. CareNow has been our go-to urgent care choice since that first visit. Check to see if there’s a location near you or read their blog to see why this is a great option for all of your family’s urgent care needs.

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