Best Wireless Plan
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Finding the best wireless unlimited plan for your family can be extremely overwhelming! As part of a Collective Bias Social Fabric shopper insight story, my family has been using Walmart Family Mobile‘s unlimited talk, text and data cell phone plan for the past month.  We were hoping it would be the best wireless unlimited plan for our family!

Best Wireless Plan

A month ago, in mid-May, I surprised my husband with an early Fathers Day gift.  I upgraded his prepaid, non-smart Tracfone to an LG My Tough Smart Phone on Walmart Family Mobile's unlimited talk, text and data plan.   We were really happy with our prepaid service and had been using it for about 4 years. But we really wanted to upgrade to a phone and a plan that was capable of data service and we hoped to do find that didn't break our budget!

Walmart Family Mobile

Obviously the phone itself was a major upgrade.  One thing I was concerned about was having to pay a lot of money for a phone.  With the Walmart Family Mobile plan you will need to purchase a phone outright and I know they can be expensive! But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Walmart Family Mobile has a range of phones at different price points – some even start as low as $40.  There is definitely a phone that will fit anyone's budget and you can check some of them out in my Google+ album.

So the real question was – is Walmart Family Mobile unlimited talk, text and data for only $40/month too good to be true? We had the phone and now we had a month to try out the service.  One thing we were concerned about was coverage.  We were really happy with the coverage on our old plan.  I also have a cell phone on a major carrier and we wondered how Walmart Family Mobile would compare to that.  The coverage is excellent.  It is just as good as the coverage on our old plan and as my phone on the major carrier.

best wireless

One feature I really like about Walmart Family Mobile is they text you when your bill is ready.

Best Unlimited Wireless Plan

You just go to the online account management and pay it from there.  The total for our first month of service was $27!  Unlike most cell carriers, Walmart Family Mobile bills post-service meaning that you pay for the service the month after you use it. Because we had a partial month of service, our bill was less than $40.

I've had many friends and family inquire about the Walmart Family Mobile to find it if it really is a good deal.  For us, at least, it is the best wireless unlimited plan for our family.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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One comment on “The Best Wireless Unlimited Plan: A Month Later

  1. Its great to hear the Walmart Family Mobile plan worked out so well for you and your husband! I’ve been looking for a good alternative for my family, but wasn’t happy with what was available through the major carriers – I’d either get less than I’m paying now or pay even more! I was surprised to learn a no contract phone offered unlimited data, which is a big motivator for some of the family users. I appreciate you sharing your experience because it makes me so much more comfortable about making a switch, too!