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The Best Tips for Laundry to Make Your Life Easier

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Take back your laundry room with the best tips for laundry that will make your life easier. Using new techniques and products from our sponsor, Gain, you’ll learn to love laundry!

Doing laundry has been around since about the time Adam and Eve discovered they were naked and put on animal skins as clothing. I’d guess that laundry was simple back then, unlike the laundry aisle at Walmart today which can be over stimulating with all the laundry products available.  But thanks to a  “new school” products from Gain, and these tips, you can do laundry quicker and easier.

The Best Tips for Laundry to Make Your Life Easier


Tip #1 Restock Your Laundry Room

It’s time to replace the big, heavy bottles of laundry detergent with easy to use Gain Flings. One Fling contains detergent, Oxi Boost and Febreze freshness all in one. Three in one and it’s done! Use one fling for normal washes or toss in two for heavier washes like baseball uniforms!

Before you start the washer, add in Gain Fireworks scent booster.  Just fill up a cap with beads and toss them in the washer drum with your Gain Fling before you add your clothes to give clothes an extra boost of that amazing Gain scent.

The last step in the wash cycle, Gain Fabric Softener makes your clothes fresh-tastically soft, adding softness and protection to your fabrics.

After the wash cycle, Gain Dryer Sheets complete the laundry regimen by controlling static, preventing wrinkles, softening and freshening clothes in the dryer.

Tip #2 Wash in Cold Water

We were all taught by our mother’s to sort the laundry into cold, warm, and hot water loads. But it’s really not necessary because cold water will get all your laundry clean.  Gain Flings are designed to dissolve in any water temperature, meaning you can save money and extend the life of your clothes by using cold water rather than warm with each load. Washing in cold water will also help save on your energy bills by not using as much hot water.

Tip #3 Keep Your Machine Clean

This tip probably sounds like more work, but keeping your washing machine clean will help your clothes get cleaner and last longer. Plus, you only have to do it every 6 months.  Fill your machine with hot water and add about three cups of white vinegar and a half cup of baking soda. Let it sit for 30 minutes, run your regular wash cycle, and your washing machine will be ready for the next load of laundry.

Tip #4 Fold and Store Clothes Accordion Style

Gain dryer sheets help keep clothes wrinkle free so it’s a shame when they get wrinkled in the dresser drawer. Make your clothes easy to find by changing up your folding style. Rather than stacking your clothes in your drawers on top of each other,  fold and then “file” them accordion style. The clothing is easier to find keeping drawers tidy and that means less wrinkles.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Holly
    June 4, 2017

    Awesome Camille! I’ve the smell of Gain!

  • Judy Cordle
    June 4, 2017

    I am really excited to make your crockpot peach cobbler recipe for my husband’s breakfast! Thank you for sharing it on Pinterest!