Staples Chromeboook

 Looking for the best netbook on the market? Check out the Acer Chromebook! Staples generously offered to send me a Chromebook to review in hopes that I could use it with the kids next school year.  We love netbooks, but I was a bit concerned about changing my operating system to Chrome. Turns out that this little guy is one of the best netbooks we've owned and we love our Acer Chromebook.

Staples Chromeboook

I know the school year is just starting to wind down, but I'm already planning for next year.  Maybe it's the homeschool bug, but I'm constantly evaluating and planning!  Next year I really want to try out more on-line and computer based curriculum. I'm interested to see how my daughter does with those. In searching for the best netbook for our family, we tried out the Acer Chromebook!

As lifelong Windwos users we wanted to know if we could survive on just Google?  The answer: YES! Not only can we survive, we can thrive on using the Google interface for all of your computing needs.  The New C7 Google Chromebook is an upgrade to any laptop user who uses Google as their main source of…well…everything.  The Chromebook is designed to work solely with Google programs like Google Drive and Chrome Web Browser.

The Acer C710 Chromebook comes with an Intel ultra-low voltage dual-core processor which is an efficient processor for multitasking on the web.  Since all of your software is web based, the Intel dual-core processor is an excellent choice for this “laptop”.

Google Drive provides a free alternative to Windows Office software and the Chrome Web Browser is an innovative alternative to Internet Explorer and Mozila Firefox.

Software has effectively been replaced with an “App” based format.  Simply download the app you want from the “Apps” icon located conveniently on the lower left portion of the screen.

Staples Chromebook

The Chrome OS also comes with built in security for safe web-browsing and minimal risk to your data.

Complete with an 11.6” HD dislplay and full-size keyboard provides a look comparable to the Macbook Pro at a fraction of the cost.  While the Macbook Pro starts at around $1000, the Chromebook starts at $200.  Even the mouse/touchpad has the same interface as the Macbook so those of you who are used to using a Macbook will be pleasantly surprised at the similarities.

The display is 1” thin and weighs just 3.04 lbs making this computer easy to take anywhere.  Add a webcam, microphone and a 4 hour battery [actual use, not just standby mode] and you are ready to go just about anywhere.

I thought it would take me a long time to adjust to this slightly different approach to computing by once again, Google makes it easier to do it their way.

Full disclosure: provided me with these products for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own.
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One comment on “The Best Netbook: Our Acer Chromebook

  1. pianogirl88 on said:

    Thanks so much for your review. I am getting ready to buy one of these (Happy Birthday, Beverly!) A good friend showed me her Samsung on Thursday, but I was wondering about the Acer. I’ll do some coin flipping about this one, but your report has helped!