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I finally found the best headphones for kids!  After years of searching for the perfect fit, we have success! This summer for the first time in over 3 years, my husband and I are taking all 3 kids on an airplane.   The last time I flew Ella was barely 2 and I was 6 months pregnant with Miles.  I am a very seasoned traveler.  I have traveled all over the world — alone.  But that trip three years ago was enough to make me call it quits until the kids were old enough to sit (mostly) still on a long airplane ride.  So when my parents generously offered to buy all five of us tickets back to Michigan for a visit this summer, I went for it.

At time of travel my kids will be 12, a few weeks shy of 6 and 3 1/2.  The 12 year old has enough electronics to distract her.  The almost-6 year old can watch a couple of movies in a row  and has a Nintnedo DS so she should be pretty entertained.  The 3 1/2 year old boy is going to be the wild card, but I figure between a few well placed movies with the best kid headphones I could find and some new cars, we should be all set.

One of the main issues we've had with traveling in the car, and now on an airplane,  with our portable DVD player has been kid headphones.  There are only so many times I can listen to the $1 Pocahontas DVD from K-Mart on a 4 hour road trip to California, you know?  My husband, being a musician, is pretty well versed on audio equipment but even he was stumped with the kids.  We have really nice adult sized earphones, but they fell off.  So we tried cheap ones hoping they'd be smaller, but they also fell off and weren't loud enough.  I went on a mission to find the best kid headphones available.

I can not begin to tell you how elated we are with Kidz Gear headphones. Kidz Gear truly are the best kid headphones I could find!

Best Headhphones for KidsWe received three pair of headphones to try out — wired for use with pretty much any device; wired for use with Apple products; and wireless for use with in-car DVD systems.

Best Headhphones for Kids

The only real difference between the regular wired headphones and the Apple ones is the size and placement of the volume control.  My kids fought over the Apple specific headphones, though, so I guess they are just cooler!

We put the two wired headphones sets to the test a few weeks ago when we traveled to California.  These headphones are kid sized versions of the really nice adult sized ones we have.  They stay put on little heads (and big ones), which is the biggest issue we've had with head phones, and they are comfortable to wear.  The head phones also have a volume minimizer so the sound doesn't get too loud damaging little ear drums.  I was able to use the headphones, too, without any problem so these will last the kids for years to come.

The kids LOVED them! We were in the car for about 10 seconds before they started begging to try out the headphones.

Best Headhphones for Kids


Best Headhphones for Kids

Overall, I can't say enough great things about Kidz Gear.  These are high quality headphones at a really great price point.  I highly recommend purchasing the storage bag for the headphones.  They are very well made and it's nice to have somewhere to store the headphones.   We're looking forward to testing out our Kidz Gear during our travels this summer!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks! We’re flying from Hawaii to Alaska this summer, it’s about 6 hours and I’d really like some headphones for my kids just in case they don’t sleep!

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