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Support Your Smart Home with Best Buy’s Total Tech Support

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With Christmas just behind us and “the big game” looming in the future, most people are busy adding new technology to their homes.  One of our Christmas gifts was a new over the range microwave we bought at Best Buy. We decided to just install it ourselves instead of having it professionally installed. That was a terrible idea.

Instead of taking a couple of hours to install, it took us nearly 3 weeks to get the microwave installed due to “complications.” Sometimes DIY just doesn’t pay off. 
In addition to a new microwave, we’ve also transitioned our home to become a “smart-er home”.  Adding numerous smart plugs, WiFi security cameras and a new smart TV. And while we consider ourselves tech savvy, well, sometimes the technology just gets the better of us. 
If you are like us and have the best intentions of having a smarter home, but maybe a little trouble implementing that plan, then check out Best Buy’s Total Tech Support.  Best Buy’s Total Tech Support is a membership providing tech support to all technology in your home no matter where or when you purchased it

For only $199 a year,  you get 24/7 tech support in-store, over the phone, or chat/remote online. You get support when and how you want it plus many in home services. You’ll only pay $49 for services like appliances installations – including over the counter microwaves.

With Best Buy’s Total Tech Support you also get 20% savings on repairs, and protection plans like Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare Products.  Many included services include virus removal, connected car installation, and data transfer as well as internet security software included.
You can also giveBest Buy’s Total Tech Support as a gift, which would be perfect if you have older parents struggling to keep up with new technology. Or even if they just need help putting up a new TV on a wall mount. 

So do yourself a favor and star the new year off enrolling in Best Buy’s Total Tech Support today and make 2019 smooth sailing for all your technology needs.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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