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Tips for Parents Dealing with Bedwetting

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Are you a mom dealing with bed wetting? Take heart it won’t last forever! Check out my tips for making it through the bed wetting phase.


We potty trained both our kids somewhere between the ages of 2-3. It took our daughter about a week to get the hang of it and after that we never had any issues at all with accidents. So when it was time to move our son out of diapers, I expected the same easy process. I found myself getting more and more frustrated when he continued to wet the bed. I figured it’d take a few weeks and we’d be fine. Well, it took almost 3 years and at some point Ihad to accept that my son was a bedwetter, deal with it, and move on.

It was a frustrating 3 years but eventually he did grow out of it. I could tell that he simply wasn’t waking up at night if he had to go to the bathroom. He just slept right through it. I really wasn’t sure when he’d be able to wake up to go. Around the age of 5 he finally started waking up to go and it’s been months since our last bedwetting incident.

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1. Don’t Make It A Big Deal – It’s not a big deal. I can’t tell you how many moms I’ve talked to who are so frustrated by bedwetting. It’s easy to make a big deal out of it with your child, but instead, just let it go. Let them know it’s not a big deal and they’ll grow out of it eventually.

2. Be Patient – This is a tough one because dealing with wet sheets on a weekly or daily basis is frustrating. But just be patient and understand that this is just another phase of childhood. It will pass. For us it took a few years and for other kids it takes longer, but it will pass.

3. Establish A Nighttime Routine – Establishing a nighttime routine helps kids wind down for the night. It also helps their bodies adjust in to a regular rhythm. I always made sure my son went to the bathroom just before getting in to bed. This helped cut down the nighttime accidents. Even now I make sure he still goes potty right before bed.

bed wetting

4. Find Products to Help –  There are many, many products on the market to help with bedwetting and the most helpful are the ones that help keep the sheets and bedding dry. A 5 year old does not want to wear diapers to bed, though. GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear looks, feels and washes like real underwear with a disposable insert that provides outstanding nighttime protection. My son got to a point where he just flat out refused to wear anything that even resembled a diaper and I know he would have loved these GoodNites* TRU-FIT* Underwear for bedtime.



This article may contain affiliate links.

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