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5 Tips for Staying Sane the 1st Month Of School

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Don’t let the first month of school get you down! Let these easy tips and our sponsor help you stay sane this back to school season.

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I was looking at my calendar earlier this week and was kind of surprised to see that my kids start school in about two weeks! We are starting a new school this year as well as sending our youngest off to Kindergarten.  Last year was our first year in school (we homeschooled before that) and that first month of school was brutal! I am learning from last year and am preparing for that first month of school. Check out my tips to stay sane and how can help!

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1. Menu Plan – Yup, you have got to do this. I hate it.  I hate sitting down trying to figure out what’s for dinner for the next week (or 2, or month) and creating a shopping list to follow. It takes time and energy I don’t have. But I hate spending all day wondering what I’m making for dinner even more.  I even have a nice blog post telling you how to menu plan like a pro!  Trust me, you will be so happy to have all your meals planned out for that crazy first month of school.  Check out for a great selection of kitchen tools and gear, like slow cookers,  to help you save time and money in the kitchen.

2. Get on a Schedule – We have spent the summer going to bed and getting up late. Unfortunately, our new school starts 90 minutes earlier than our old school. Ouch.  I purposely signed the kids up for morning activities in August so we’d be forced to get up and get out of the house.  I’ve also started moving meal times to be more in line with our school schedule.  I’m slowly working us back in to an earlier schedule so that first month of alarm clocks and school bells won’t be quite so brutal.  Both my kids have their own alarm clocks too so I don’t have to worry about getting them up in the morning. carries alarm clocks and even calendar white boards to help you stay on that schedule.

3.  Organize Clothing by the Week – There is nothing worse than hearing “I don’t have anything to wear!”  20 minutes before you need to leave for school.  And sometimes it’s completely my fault because I didn’t quite get all the laundry done.  So I started organizing clothes in to little piles in drawers for the kids. They can just pick a pile out and I know everyone will be properly clothed.  This also helps you remember that Tuesday is “Superhero Day” at school and you can locate a cape and a mask before 10 PM the night before.  If you have a fashionista in the house, make sure to check out You can also make this easy on yourself by heading to and picking up the latest fashion trends. The Seventeen Fashion Collection at is sure to have the styles most girls are looking for and it all retails for under $50! Check it out at

back to school

4.  Go Shopping Early – Last year I waited until the first day of school to go school supply shopping. I wanted to make sure we got what the teacher wanted and sure enough, her list was different than the one the front office had given to us.  I found, however, that the stores were wiped clean of school supplies and I spent the first month of school trying to piece together the needed supplies.  So just go and get the basics and stock up now.  Besides with homework duty every night, you won’t have time to run around for school supplies during that first month. makes it super easy to shop with free in store pick up.  Use the better Shop Your Way app to let the store know when you have arrived to pick up and they’ll bring your purchases directly to your car! No waiting long lines! 

5.  Cut Yourself Some Slack – The first month is brutal but by October, everyone will be in the school year groove and life will feel “normal” again… just in time to start the Christmas craziness!  Meanwhile, stay sane by using these tips and heading to for their Friends and Family Sale starting August 9, 2014 to save even more on back to school shopping.  While you can definitely find exclusive apparel, advice, shopping trends, deals and more, you can also find pretty much everything else you’ll need to help make the first month of school easier for everyone. 


Are you ready for the school year? What tips do you have to survive that first month?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Sears.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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