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Babysteps to Homeschooling: Change

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There are two things I really love about homeschooling.  First, I love that I’m learning right along with my kids every single day.  For example, I realized this past week that I am left brained and a very visual learner.  I wish I had known this years ago!  I also realized that there are no words in the English language that end with a “J”.  Go ahead. Go look. If you find it, it isn’t English.  Second, I love that I can switch up our homeschooling plan at any point.  If something isn’t working, we just change it.  If I don’t like a curriculum, I find a new one. If the schedule isn’t working, I change that, too.  If formal learning just isn’t going to happen on a particular day, I just make changes and go with it. It’s a wonderful thing!

And so — we’re changing.  Six weeks in and I’m switching it all up.  As much as I love the curriculum we were using,  it just isn’t enough for Ella and it’s way too much for me! I need more guidance and she needs more of a challenge. But then, on the other hand, the entire point of this year is not to push her along, but to take our time and see how it goes.  This week we started a more structured phonics program (although all we’re doing is learning our letters).  I also purchased a handwriting workbook, but I’m going to hold off on that for a while.  I’m researching the endless (and expensive!) math options.

Again, I am so happy that I took this year to work our way in to homeschooling. It has been a very valuable time for both Ella and I to learn! I often focus on what Ella isn’t doing.  But this week I noticed a huge improvement in her cutting and coloring skills and I take heart that at least we’re learning something!


This article may contain affiliate links.

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