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Refried Beans - Growing Up Gabel @thegabels

Making refried beans in the slow cooker is ridiculously easy. Just let the beans cook for a few hours, mash them up and then eat or freeze for later. I have been doing A LOT of cooking lately attempting to stock up my freezer as I just started[…]

I am in the (very slow) process of re-decorating the bedroom that our daughter’s share.  The previous “theme” was Pink Disaster Area. I thought it might be time to get organized and find a place for all the Barbies and Squinkies and find a nice theme to add[…]

I’ve made apple crisp many times, but this was my first attempt at a berry crisp.  I had a carton of blueberries that needed to be used up and the crisp topping in the freezer so it was super quick and easy.  You can make the topping and[…]

  Like most, my kids love crackers, but I rarely purchase them from the store because the ingredient list is about a foot long. Thankfully homemade crackers are very easy and quick to make.  And cheap, too!  I checked out the price of crackers in the grocery store[…]

I saw this idea somewhere on Pinterest and thought it would make a cute teacher’s gift for an elmentary school teacher.  The crayons on the original post were put on the wreath with hot glue.  I try to avoid hot glue at all costs.  I probably just need[…]

The other night I ran across a peanut butter no bake cookie recipe on Pinterest.  (Are you on Pinterest? I love it! You can follow my boards  (or click on the button to the right) but be careful — it’s like falling in to the rabbit hole once[…]

My first experience with yarn crafting was when I was in upper elementary school.  I joined a 4-H club (4-H is a BIG DEAL in Michigan) where I learned to sew, cross stitch, bake, crochet and do other various crafts.  In fact, I think we called our group[…]

During the summer we have an over abundance of eggplant, which I love, but have a hard time finding good eggplant recipes.  Eggplant marinara is a great summer dish that tastes like eggplant Parmesan but without the frying.  Feel free to use homemade marinara when making this! Over[…]

Marinara Sauce Recipe

A basic homemade marinara sauce is easy to make at home! No need to buy the jars in the store.  Serve this on spaghetti, use to make pizza sauce or try it in an easy lasagna recipe. Growing up my mother always made what we called spaghetti sauce,[…]

We purchased our town home just over two years ago.  The town home is only about 6 years old (an old house in Las Vegas is about 25-30 years old!) so aside from some shoddy construction and corner cutting made by the builder, our home is in pretty[…]