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DIY Wine Cork Angel Christmas Ornaments

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Use old or new wine corks to make an DIY wine cork angel Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree!

I love homemade Christmas tree ornaments. I’d decorate my entire Christmas tree in them if I could.  I try to make a new handmade Christmas ornament every year to add to our tree. And this year it’s all about the wine cork! We started with snowmen wine cork ornaments, which are super cute! But these angels are a little more rustic and farmhouse looking.

When making these wine cork angel Christmas ornaments make sure to pick corks that will stand up on their own. It’s easier to attach the heads, stand the cork up to dry and then continue with the project.

Also, if buying used sheet music, make sure you look at the pages. Some pianists/musicians like to write in the book on the music, and this may or may not be a look you desire.

DIY Wine Cork Angel Christmas Ornaments

Craft Supplies:


Use a drill and drill bit to drill a hole into the top of the wood ball knob. Yes, there may be a hole on the bottom of the wood balls. But you don’t need it. Just ignore it and make a little hole on the top of each ball.

Twist a screw eye into the drilled hole. This is the top of the head. It’s where you will put the twine or a ribbon to hang the angels on the tree.

Use craft glue and attach the flat bottom side of the ball knob onto the cork to make a body and head. Let set upright until dry.

Cut a piece of pipe cleaner about 4″ in length. Wrap it around the cork to create a circle shape, overlapping the ends.


Twist the ends together to create a crown. Attach the crown to the back of the head with hot glue.

Trim the white edges off the pages of sheet music with a paper trimmer and discard.

Use the paper trimmer (or a pair of scissors) to cut out 3″ x 4″ pieces of paper. Each of these rectangles is needed for each angel.

Fold the angel wings along the short, 3″ side about 1/4″ into a zig zag/fan pattern.

Add a “zip” of hot glue onto the center of the according wings as shown. Press firmly together.

Repeat on the other side, in the center to hold it into a bow like shape. Use hot glue to affix the wings to the back of the cork.

Cut a piece of jute twine and knot it. Tie it into a slip knot on the screw eye to hang.

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Angie Bella
    September 25, 2018

    Love the angels. Can’t wait to start making mine. Thank you. My theme thus year will be “Angels”.

  • Maisy
    December 8, 2017

    This is the cutest little tree ornament DIY, Camille! And I love that you can repurpose old corks from empty bottles for this, too! I have featured you at the Friday Favorites linky party this week. Come check it out! Hope you pop by and visit again this week 🙂

  • Marilyn Lesniak
    December 5, 2017

    Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick at #WWBlogHop this week. Visit me at on Tuesday evening to see your feature! All hosts choose their own features from the comments left on their blog so be sure to stop by and see your feaure. I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon. Please be sure to leave your link number or post title so we can be sure to visit!

  • Debrashoppeno5
    November 25, 2017

    How cute this is. I think a tree filled with handcrafted ornaments is the best kind of all.