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American Flag Fruit Tray

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American flag fruit tray is an easy last minute dish for a 4th of July party or potluck. Layer fresh summer fruit with frozen pound cake to create a red, white and blue flag for snacking.

This post is sponsored by Kroger. 

Our family tradition to spend the 4th of July camping in a national park. It doesn’t happen every year but we try hard to make it happen most years. Thanks to a home renovation project that’s taking way longer than planned (you’d think I’d learn!), we changed our camping plans last minute. Rather than leave our project for a week, we decided to stay home. Which left me scrambling to make last minute plans.

Instead of camping, we are heading to an outdoor musical theater where you watch shows on a lawn. The audience usually arrives early with picnic food and drinks to enjoy before and during the show. The show doesn’t start until 8 PM so we wanted to grab appetizers and dessert to bring to enjoy picnic style. But because of we’re knee deep in home renovations, I needed a one stop shop to pick up everything we need.

You can find everything you need for your last minute 4th of July plans at Kroger from picnic food and supplies, to light up necklaces and fun red white and blue headbands. Literally everything! While you’re there, make sure to grab ingredients and supplies to make this super easy American Flag Fruit Tray.

American Flag Fruit Tray

To make the fruit tray you will need red fruit like strawberries or cherries; blueberries; and something to make white stripes.

We used pound cake for the white flag strips but you could use yogurt covered pretzels or raisins, too.  Slice the pound cake in to small cubes and set aside.

Kroger sells a great selection of disposable portable baking pans. Rectangular cake pans are the perfect size for a picnic sized flag tray. Place the blueberries in a small bowl in the top left corner of a baking pan.

Create red and white stripes by layers red fruit and the pound cake.  We opted to use cherries instead of the usual strawberries for the red stripes.

Cover the fruit tray with the plastic lids that come with the baking pan and refrigerate until ready to go.  It’s completely portable! Pick up some whipped cream at Kroger to serve along side the fruit and pound cake.

Kroger had an array of different patriotic plates, napkins and cups as well. These plastic cups and plates are perfect for a picnic. And the flag napkins match our flag fruit tray.

Whether you’re heading out or staying home for the 4th of July, Kroger is your one stop shop for all things red, white, and blue this summer.




This article may contain affiliate links.

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