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Bonding with Dogs and Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats

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Bonding with our dogs is important. They show us so much love and affection everyday. Finding small ways like a belly rub or a special dog treat is a great way to grow the bond between people and dogs.

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As I have mentioned many times, I have a special bond with our labradoodle, Ginger as we spend all day together at home. But I’m not the only person Ginger has a unique bond with. She also has a special relationship with my dad. Every time we turn the corner to drive into his neighborhood, her tail starts wagging in anticipation of seeing her “grandpa”.

I’d say that the affection definitely goes both ways between Ginger and “grandpa”. A few years ago, my dad started buying dog treats for Ginger when she would come visit his house. Ginger quickly learned that there would be a treat waiting for her from grandpa. Last year this little dog treat “cookie jar” showed up on his counter top. Ginger knows exactly what is inside!

On recent trip to grandpa’s house, we let Ginger try Milo’s Kitchen homestyle dog treats, which I’d picked up at Walmart. Milo’s Kitchen dog treats have 100% real chicken and beef as the top ingredient. That are free of artificial flavors and colors. Milo’s Kitchen treats are made right her in the USA, too.

Milo’s Kitchen treats look like actual jerky, sausage slice and meatballs because they are actually jerky, sausage and meatballs. You can see the meat right in them.

As my dad peeked in the treat jar to check out the new treats, he told Ginger, they looked good enough for him to eat! But of course, the real judge of the treat is Ginger.

Ginger sits as soon as she sees the dog treat jar come out and waits patiently for my dad to give her a treat (or two!).

Milo’s Kitchen dog treats help us show our love and affection and bond with our furry family members. Pick up a few bags of treat at Walmart to try with your pup.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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