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6 Back to School Supplies Every Mom Needs

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Back to school season is in full swing.  That means I’m scouring the stores to find all of the items my kids need for the new school year. They are so excited to meet new teachers and start a fresh, new year.

I’m also excited for a new school year! But I kind of miss back to school shopping and getting shiny new school supplies for myself.  I decided to head to Costco to pick up a few P&G household needs to make a back to school shopping list for moms.  Let’s face it, we need things just as much as our kids do to make it through the school year.

coffee date

Coffee: I can’t make it through the school year without java and lots of it. We grind our own beans and I grab a huge bag of beans at Costco. Because I’m going to need it. The strudels are entirely optional.

Febreze for cars

Febreze Car Vent Clips: I spend a lot of time in my car during the school year. I’ve pretty much given up on keeping the back seat clean, but I can keep it smelling good.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that my kids insist on taking off their shoes the minute they hop in the car, or the banana peels they leave in the car for days, but the car can get pretty ripe. Febreze Car Vent Clips are the key to keeping the car smelling fresh.

Filing System/Organizer:  School comes with a lot of papers. Like a crazy amount of forms, newsletters, rules and other things that moms need to keep organized. Set up a binder or a filing system to keep all the papers organized from the get go.


Tide Advanced Power

Tide Advanced Power: My kids wear school uniforms and they aren’t cheap.  I want to keep them in the best condition possible. So I don’t skimp on laundry detergent. I grab the large container at Costco so it’ll last me a while.

Note Paper: It never fails. Thirty seconds before we need to leave, my kids need a note for school and I don’t have any paper! Grab a magnetic notepad and keep it on the fridge for last minute notes.

Charmin Ultra Soft

Charmin Ultra Soft: No, it’s not just for bathrooms! Keep a few rolls in the car for runny noses, dirty hands, and trips to the park when there’s no toilet paper around. Get the Charmin jumbo rolls and they’ll last longer.

Tide at Costco

Back to school is a fun time for both kids and moms! P&G Household Needs products available at Costco help make the transition back to school easier. It’s the little details that make the P&G brands different.

This article may contain affiliate links.

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