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5 Self-Care Ideas for Women Who Do Too Much

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Take care of yourself first this year with these 5 self-care ideas for women who do too much. 

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It can be hard as a woman, mom and wife to find time for yourself. After a life crisis in mid-2018, I decided it was time to start focusing more on me. When you are not at your best it’s hard to be your best for others. You can give out from what you have inside you and if you have nothing to give, then everyone suffers. 

But when I started think about things I could do for myself, well, I drew a blank. I had to think really hard and ask a few people for ideas on how to take better care of myself in 2019. And I want you to do that too. So will you join me this year in focusing on YOU and let’s make 2019 the year of better selves. 

5 Self-Care Ideas for Women Who Do Too Much

Get More Sleep: Getting enough sleep every night is the foundation of self-care. You can’t do anything well if you are tired. When I don’t get enough sleep I feel sluggish. My arms and legs feel heavy. I can’t focus on anything. It’s a nightmare. I started sleeping in later (thank you homeschool!) this fall and it has done wonders for my mood and productivity. 

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Focus on Your Lifestyle: Well it is a new year after all so of course we are all thinking about our lifestyle habits. It can get really overwhelming trying to change your lifestyle habits. That’s why I’m trying out Noom – a behavior change weight loss program that is tailored just for you. You answer a few questions about yourself and your lifestyle. Then the experts at Noom create a personalized plan to meet your desired goals. You get a customized plan; unlimited access to a health professional; 24/7 personal and group support; and it’s all available on an app right on your phone.


Find a New Hobby: I am a recovering perfectionist. I only discovered this about myself a few years ago. It’s a struggle not to try and perfect the people in my life. That’s where a hobby comes in. It’s a way to focus those perfectionist skills on something that’s actually useful. You could learn to knit, cook, work on cars, run a marathon. I am choosing to start learning hand lettering. 

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Get Away More Often: This one is going to blow your mind. You need to get away from your house and your kids if you have them. Take 24 hours every month or every other month and go away. Go sleep; go play; go work; but just get away. You’ll come home refreshed and ready to tackle life again. It’s my goal to do this once a month to start and then hopefully increase it as possible throughout the year. 

Coffee Date

Invest in Relationships: You can’t do life alone. You just can’t. We were created to be relational. It is so easy to just isolate ourselves, especially as a stay at home mom. This year get out and do more with friends. Start a bunco group (so much fun!) that meets monthly. Grab a couple of friends and have them join Noom with you and support each other in your new lifestyle habits. Schedule a regular date night with your spouse. Make time for the people in your life who you love being with.

Let 2019 be the year you put YOU first! And see how the rest of life falls in place as you have more give to others as you fill yourself up with joy and peace. You’re worth it! 

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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