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5 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Stitch Fix

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Tired of your closet being full of decades old clothing? It’s time to try Stitch Fix! Get clothes you love without even leaving your house.

I’m not exactly a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve spent the past decade at home with babies and little kids while my closet languished in despair. This past fall I took on a volunteer opportunity that required a little more finesse than 10 year old yoga pants and tee shirts (all with stains, of course).  I needed new clothes. The problem was that I had no time or desire to go shopping.

I decided to try Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a service that sends you clothes on regular or semi-regular schedule. You sign up online, fill out a survey, set up your schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc) and let a stylist choose clothes, shoes and accessories for you.

After two “fixes” – I’m in love!

5 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Stitch Fix

No More Shopping at the Mall:

I used to really love shopping back before I had kids. But the thought of driving around to 5 different stores and trying on pretty much everything in my size I liked and coming out with 2 items just makes me even more tired. Stitch Fix arrives at my door. I have a few days to try on the clothes and either keep them or send them back. I can do this at 12 PM, 3 AM or 11:17 PM.


You Can Try on Clothes at Home:

Stitch Fix just recently began offering plus sized clothing, which is the size I wear. They also offer women’s and men’s clothing options. My daughter is so in love with my clothes that she keeps asking when they’ll offer juniors.  I love trying on my clothes at home, in natural light, where I am most comfortable. I can try them on, take them off and try again the next day and then decide if I want to keep them.

Get an Entire Outfit That’s Ready To Go:

I never buy entire outfits when I shop. Then I get home and can’t find anything wear. I love that I have ready made outfits that look great on me in my closet.  Each Fix comes with a styling guide showing you how you can wear each piece with the other pieces in your box or with other clothes.

My first fix is the cutest outfit I’ve ever owned. I was sent a pair of skinny jeans, a cross knit top, an embroidered kimono, a dress and a work tote bag. I loved this entire fix – except the dress. My husband loved the dress, but I’m just not a fan. Because Stitch Fix gives you a 25% discount if keep all the items in the fix, it was cheaper for me to keep the dress. Silly! But I think it’ll work great on my sister.  I figured I could also resell the dress at a resale shop in town or online.


Someone who actually knows fashion picks out your clothes:

I am hopeless when it comes to clothes. I have the same styles, brands and colors. For my second Stitch Fix, I requested a jacket. I haven’t had a new jacket in 10 years mostly because I can’t find one I like that fits.

My stylist sent me a navy blue trench coat and matching scarf. I am in love with this jacket and scarf. The jacket is a navy blue belted trench coat. It’s made out of  stretchy material so it gives a little when I move.  Ten years later and I finally have something other than a fleece to wear in the winter.

Get Clothes You’ll Love:

I think there are two tricks to really getting your stylist to know what clothes you’ll love in your Stitch Fix. The first is to simply be detailed in the notes for your fix. Be specific and give great feedback.  If you want all v-neck sweaters in pastel colors, then ask for that.

Second, set up a “My Style” Pinterest board. Pin clothes and outfits you love to it. Keep it up to date especially as the date for your next fix draws closer.

Moms, it’s time to update that closet without ever leaving the house! Try Stitch Fix in November or December 2017 and your styling fee is FREE!! Now is a great time to update your wardrobe for the coming year. CLICK NOW to get started!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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