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4 Tips for A Happy Cat

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This post brought to you by Fresh Step and Meow Mix. All opinions are 100% mine.

Awhile ago I introduced you to our cats: BJ, Felix, and Midgie.  Having 2 kids, 3 cats and 1 dog in the house can make life a little crazy.  Boundaries get crossed especially with the cats and kids or cats and dog.  The cats just want to be left alone! So here are 4 ways to keep the cats in your life content and happy.

Tip #1: Keep the Litter Box Clean and Private

Because we have 3 cats, we needed a large litter box.  After years of “accidents” ending up on my laundry room floor, I finally ditched the box and went with a large utility storge bin. It’s perfect. No one leaves me little presents on the floor anymore.  We’ve recenlty been trying out FreshStep litter and while I’m not sure what the cats think, I appreciate a little less odor when using it.

Tip #2: Give Everyone Space

More often than not the cats get testy when a kid or the dog just won’t leave them alone.  So the cats know that they can head in to our master bedroom and be safe when they need some space.  My sister and brother-in-law went so far as to put a cat door right in their bedroom door so the cats can get in and out when the door is closed.


Tip #3 Keep Food and Feeding Times Separate

When we added a dog to our home we also added dog food.  Suddenly I had cats eating dog food and a dog eating cat food and we had some upset tummies.  So I moved the cat food to one place and the dog food to another place and no one is confused anymore.  We also tried out a new food, Meow Mix, with the cats to get them interested in their own food again.  They seem to like it!

Tip #4  Give the Cats Love and Attention

With the kids and the dog constantly begging for attention, I often forget about the cats.  Our cat Felix is especially attached to me and loves to sit on my lap, but I’m rarely sitting long enough for him to get there.  So I’ve made time at night to sit down for a few minutes and give him some attention.  He doesn’t need much – he’s a cat after all!

Hopefully these tips will help keep your furry feline friends happy.




This article may contain affiliate links.

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1 Comment
  • Brendalyn Drews
    June 3, 2014

    Great tips here! We try to keep our litter boxes clean as much as possible so it makes a better environment for us and the cats.