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4 Great Things No One Told You About Your 40’s

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I distinctly remember both of my parents’ 40th birthdays. I was about 10 years old when they each turned 40, a year apart. My dad had a hard time with that birthday and my mom turned 40 with grace.  I am now 42 and as my 40th birthday approached a few years ago, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel.


I spent my 20’s in college. I earned a BA and JD. I was 28 when I received my final degree.  I also fell in love and got married. I loved my 20’s but it was a difficult time of trying to figure out who I am and what I wanted from life.

I spent my 30’s getting married, and then having and raising 2 babies.  I was really tired and lonely in my 30’s. As they say, the days are long but the years are short.

When I turned 40, my kids were in elementary school. I had more time, more sleep and got my social life back. So far, 40’s have been great!

4 Great Things No One Told You About Your 40’s

More Freedom: My kids no longer need naps, diapers, or any other baby gear. They have a later bedtime. This means as a family we have more freedom to go more places and do more things. I also have more freedom because my kids are in school all day long. I can now work and volunteer and have the freedom to just do more for myself.

More Self-Confidence: Somewhere in your late 30’s you really stop caring what other people think. And in the first two years of 40, I care even less. It is easier to embrace who you are and be confident about your quirks.  You will learn to truly love yourself!

More Understanding:  Forty is a time when you start to show people a little more understanding. You realize you don’t know quite as much as you thought you did. You also begin to understand that not everyone thinks like you and that’s OK. Relationships grow stronger and deeper as you understand yourself, your friends and the world we live in.

More Self-Care: In your 40’s you realize how important it is to make time to take care of yourself. Your body is changing but you have the time to listen to the changes and take care of them.

As our bodies change in our 40’s we often find ourselves dealing with issues that we weren’t expecting. After having two kids, incontinence became a concern.  Sneezing, laughing too hard and even a coughing fit suddenly became an issue. But it’s a natural part of growing older.

When incontinence becomes an issue, Depend® is will keep you protected discreetly. There’s no reason to let incontinence keep us from enjoying life in our 40’s!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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