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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge with a FREE Gratitude Journal

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Join our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge and receive a free gratitude journal to download! Make thankfulness and gratitude a habit in your life today.


Floral pink and white gratitude journal on desk with laptop, pen and paper clips.

Let’s face it – it can be really, really hard to be grateful.  Being at home while trying to work; school your kids; get along with your spouse is not easy. Many days it can feel like the whole world is against us.

But the truth is that most of us have pretty blessed lives. Sure they aren’t perfect (hello, kids!) but if we took the time to stop and look around, we could find a lot of things to be grateful for.  Like:

  • Our significant others
  • Food on the table
  • A roof over our heads
  • A bed to sleep in
  • Good friends
  • A great conversation
  • Ice cream cones
  • Campfires
  • And more….

That’s why we’re spending the next 30 days  focusing on being grateful! Will you join us?

30 Days of Gratitude Challenge with a FREE Gratitude Journal

30 days of gratitude on wood table with fall leaves and pumpkins and apples

Since you now have a lot of time on your hand, why not focus the next 30 days on being grateful.  We’ve created a Gratitude Journal you can download for FREE just by joining our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge.

gratitude journal


The journal itself is over 100 pages long so you may just want to print out a few days at a time. When social distancing is over, you can take it to an office store to print the rest of the journal and have it spiral bound. They can also put on a clear cover and back. Print the cover on card stock for a sturdier journal.


There is always something to be thankful for quote

Each day you’ll receive a simple email with a quote about being grateful. These will help remind you to be grateful that day for something in your life. Use the quote or the writing prompts in the gratitude journal to write down the things you are thankful for.

Plus the the journal will continue after the 30 days! There are 100 gratitude prompts to help you keep being grateful for months.

Are you ready to take the challenge of being grateful for 30 Days? Sign up below to get the FREE Gratitude Journal and be signed up to receive our daily gratitude emails!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Darcy Bronersky
    April 1, 2020

    I already have a journal titled Simply Grateful can I use it to participate in the challenge?

    • Camille Gabel
      April 2, 2020

      Yes! Just use the writing prompts in your own journal!

  • Nancy Robinson
    April 1, 2020

    What a great time in our lives to start a gratitude journal!
    Thank you!

    • Camille Gabel
      April 2, 2020

      We usually do it in November, but I think we all need to find some silver linings right now. Thanks for joining in!

  • Robin Crossno
    April 1, 2020

    Always look forward to your emails. Thanks so much for this 30 day challenge! Stay healthy and happy! God bless..

    • Camille Gabel
      April 2, 2020

      Thanks for joining us, Robin!