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3 Reasons to Give A Minecraft Gift

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This summer our kids hand me down Xbox 360 died.  My daughter had just bought the Minecraft Stories game with her birthday money when it quit working. I just played it off and for the last 5 months my kids have had no Xbox.

But what they don’t know is that under the tree on Christmas morning will be a brand new Minecraft Xbox One S bundle we bought at Best Buy.


Our kids are Minecraft fanatics. When they first started playing Minecraft, I wasn’t really sure what it was. But after a few years of watching them play, I’m a full supporter of them playing Minecraft.

3 Reasons to Give A Minecraft Gift

It is Creative: Minecraft is a building game where the kids build virtual worlds and then protect them from invaders (at least in survival mode!). I’ve watched them build elaborate castles, schools, libraries and more.

It is Multi-Player: One of the best parts of Minecraft is that it is a multi-player game. Both my kids can play the game at the same time. Can I have an AMEN?! No fighting over whose turn it is. Although, little brother takes great pleasure in destroying big sisters creations at times. It’s still better than sitting on a time to decide whose turn is next.

The multi-player also teaches them a little bit of teamwork and cooperation. I’ve overheard them plotting and planning on who will do what to build or to protect their buildings. They are working together to solve an issues.


It is Cross Platform: Minecraft does not just live on the Xbox. There are tons of toys, books, and other Minecraft products and toys. My kids regularly take their Minecraft games off the Xbox and in to “real life” play.


Wondering where to find all this Minecraft fun? Best Buy carries a large assortment the assortment of Minecraft products – this includes an Xbox One S console bundle, additional Minecraft games and Minecraft toys and collectibles. Make sure to check it out to find the perfect Minecraft gift to give this Christmas!

This article may contain affiliate links.

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