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When I was a little girl I wanted nothing more than to have long beautiful locks of hair blowing in the wind.  Unfortunately for me, my mother had other ideas and I spent my girlhood with short boy hair cuts.  No pig tails. No braids.  No pretty bows.  But I’m over it. Really.

Lilla Rose

Thus I blame my lack of hair styling finesse with my daughter on my own lack of girlhood tresses.  Have you ever really looked at the photos of my daughter I post?  Oh, her hair! I want to put a disclaimer on every single one that yes, we do wash, brush and attempt to style her hair.  But it always ends up looking like she just rolled out of bed.  It probably has a lot to do with lack of bobby pins and hair spray, I’m guessing.  Add a little girl who likes the idea of having her hair done, but not the reality of brushing and pulling, and we pretty much have bad hair days every day.

Quite a while ago I discovered Lilla Rose hair products.  I had poked around their website a few times and was totally enamored with their gorgeous hair products.  I mean, really gorgeous! But I just wasn’t sure about spending money on something that I was pretty sure I would fail at.  So when Lilla Rose independent consultant Sarah Ives asked me if I wanted to try out a FlexiClip and write a review, well, I couldn’t say no.

Lilla Rose Mini Fairy FlexiClip

Sarah had me watch the video on how to use the Lilla Rose FlexiClips so I could choose a size.   This was the hardest part for me because I had a suspicion that Ella’s hair is quite thick, but I wasn’t really sure.  I chose a fairy mini-clip because that seemed like the best size for a little girl.  I crossed my fingers hoping this would be a hair accessory that Ella would actually leave in her hair.

Lilla Rose Clip

As soon as Ella saw the fairy clip, she dubbed it her “Hair Fairy” and she was very eager to wear her. Ella does have super thick hair so the mini works in a half-up for her but it’s too small for a pony tail.   I think we’d need an extra small FlexiClip for a pony. And, Ella actually leaves it in her hair for most of the day!  The mini-clip is so pretty and we get compliments on it all the time when Ella wears it.   There is a bit of learning curve with getting the clip in the hair, or at least, there was for me, but like I said, I’m pretty inept when it comes to hair.  Lilla Rose has so many pretty hair accessories including gorgeous bobby pins that I’m seriously considering as Christmas gifts.

Sarah will be sponsoring a giveaway SOON! But in the meantime, you can check out the Lilla Rose You Tube channel for ideas on how to use the hair clips and other accessories.    You can contact Sarah directly on her Sarah Ives Lilla Rose Independent Consultant Facebook page!

So, got any hair tips for me??

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