Make Your Own Handwriting Worksheets

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StartWrite sample

Next to phonics and math, choosing a handwriting curriculum has been very difficult.  First you have to decide if you want to do print and then cursive, or just go straight to cursive.  Or you could skip both and do a calligraphy handwriting course.  I also wanted some control over what my kids are writing when they are practicing their penmanship.  There is no sense in writing nonsense if they can be practicing with Bible verses or quotes from great writers and thinkers. Throw in the fact that Ella is left-handed and I found myself, yet again, overwhelmed. This summer I was given the opportunity to try out StartWrite, a computer program that allows you to customize handwriting worksheets.   I have tried a few free websites for customized worksheets, but none of them have come close to StartWrite. First, I love that I can customize the look of the worksheet.  My kids love pretty worksheets because we're all a little bit visual learners. With StartWrite I can add colorful ... [read more]

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