My Favorite Summer Meals

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I try to make summer meals quick and easy so I don't spend my evenings in the kitchen! I also do my best not to heat up the house. I have rounded up some of our favorite summer meals including ribs, beef, chicken and seafood!   During the summer I change my cooking methods drastically.  I do my best not to turn on an oven unless absolutely necessary.  We do a lot of grilling and eat a lot of salads.  You can mix and match these recipes to make a nice summer meal or just use one as springboard for your own creative menu.   Beer Can Chicken - This is great for a crowd and it's my favorite way to cook a whole chicken!  Don't feel like you have to use beer or even a can.  Any liquid will do and we have used glass bottles successfully.   Sashimi Salmon with Coleslaw - If you like sushi, you will LOVE this salmon! It's a no cook summer favorite. The coleslaw sounds a little odd, but it's amazing with the salmon. This dish only takes about 20-30 minutes to ... [read more]

Sashimi Salmon with Coleslaw

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A no cook, at home version of sashimi salmon is one of our favorite summer meals! Salmon is sliced and marinated and served with rice and cole slaw for a cool summer meal.   This recipe is for all you sushi lovers!  We love, love sushi around here.  In fact, the only person who doesn't eat it is Ella.  Even 2 year old Miles love sushi!  But sushi is expensive so we only eat it about twice a year.  This meal, however, is an inexpensive way to satisfy a sushi craving at home. My sister actually saw this recipe on a Norwegian cooking show on our PBS channel.  So while it's not even Japanese in origin! It really is a perfect summer meal because it is light and does not require turning on any heat source at all. I did not use any fancy salmon.  I bought a package of frozen wild caught Alaskan salmon (Katie at Kitchen Stewardship has a great post on why you should buy wild caught Alaskan salmon and not farm raised Atlantic salmon.).  It wasn't until I pulled the salmon out to ... [read more]

Weekly Menu, July 24

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Here is the my weekly menu plan! If you need help planning a menu, check out my post on How To Plan A Menu! I can't believe it's almost August! Oh, Summer, don't leave too quickly!  But I suppose it is inevitable. Monday: Beer Can Chicken, green beans - our favorite way to grill a whole chicken! Tuesday:  Chinese Chicken Salad with homemade croutons  - I love salads in the summer and I add protein by using chicken. Wednesday: Linguine with clam sauce, broccoli - My husband's favorite sauce! He adds white wine to it.   Thursday: Sashimi Salmon with Cole Slaw - for sushi lovers! This is a perfect summer meal because you don't have to turn on any heat to cook it! Friday: Minestrone Soup - we usually don't eat soup in the summer, but sometimes, I just crave a hearty soup for a meal. ... [read more]