Lemon and Blackberry Napoleons

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Napoleons may seem like a fancy dessert that you only order at a bakery.   Thanks to the TV show The Chew for asking me to check out a few of their favorite recipes and encouraging me to create my own version, I am no longer afraid to make napoleons! Frozen puff pastry shells are baked and then filled with lemon pudding and topped with blackberry jam for gorgeous, but easy to make, napoleons! I think that one of the hardest parts of being the cook of the family is not getting bored with what you are cooking.  I mean, I love our family favorite recipes, but I also like to try new things.  Finding inspiration, though can be hard and overwhelming.  Plus, who can you trust to give you a great recipe that won't fail?  One of my favorite places to get new recipes is actually on TV and I've recently been tuning in to The Chew on ABC for some excellent cooking inspiration! All summer long, ABC's The Chew is your one stop shop for everything food.  From grilling and outdoor entertaining ... [read more]

Cream Puffs

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Cream Puffs - Growing Up Gabel @thegabels #recipes

  Cream puffs are one of those things that you put off making because you think they are going to be a lot of work.  At least, that was me.  I kept perusing different recipes, which are basically all exactly the same, and realized that maybe they really are not that much work.  I decided to take the the plunge and make them for a baby shower I was hosting.  Yup, these are super easy. Easier than making cookies, if you ask me! I made the puffs a week before the shower and froze them.  I'm definitely keeping  a batch of these in my freezer at all times now.  And I can't wait to play around with the cream inside!  I'm thinking that all they needed was a little chocolate ganache for the top.   [easyrecipe id="3336" n="0"] This post is linked to Project Inspire, Get Outta My Head Please, Skip To My Lou, Flour Me With Love, Mamal Diane, Coping with Frugality, The Blackberry Vine, Krafty Kat, Kathe with an E, Our 4 Kiddos, The NY Melrose Family, Uncommon Designs Online, In ... [read more]

Pate Brisee

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Pate Brisee is simply an all butter, super flaky pie crust.  You can use this for both sweet and savory recipes (just use less sugar if using it for something like chicken pot pie). Even though the French term sounds fancy, make the crust is actually very easy. There are two important components to a light, flaky crust (or biscuit or anything else "flaky") -- super cold butter and very little processing.  If you want flaky, your butter must be COLD.  When the little bits of cold butter hit the hot oven, they melt thus creating small air pockets which results in flaky layers.  While it  may be more work to cut butter in (unless you use a food processor), it is worth effort in the long run. Overworking the dough results in the butter warming up (from the heat of your hands) or just getting too small to create effective air pockets. [easyrecipe id="2623" n="0"]   ... [read more]