Strawberry Limemade

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Strawberry Limeade

Strawberry limeade is one of my favorite summer drinks.  This limeade is an easy combination of simple syrup and fresh strawberries.   After making key lime pie, I've had a pretty full bottle of Nellie and Joe's key lime juice in my fridge.  As I was perusing homemade lemonade recipes, it occurred to me that I could make limeade with the lime juice. But not just limeade... strawberry limeade!  Oh, yes!  I've loved strawberry limeade ever since my first sip at a Sonic years ago.  And this is so quick and easy to make, it's faster than a trip to Sonic. I doubled this recipe for my pitcher.  Just keep your simple syrup to lime juice a 1:1 ratio (same amounts of each).  You do need to add water to dilute this.  Start with a few cups and increase the water until you get what you like. [easyrecipe id="2175" n="0"] Adapted from My Baking Addiction ... [read more]

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