The Perfect Latkes (or Potato Pancakes)

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Making latkes may seem easy, but I struggled to find a good recipe.  Finally, after years of trying, I realized that the potatoes need to be very finely shredded until mushy to get the right consistency.  Adding just a few, rather than a lot of, of additional ingredients resulted in the perfect latke.   Every year for the past 8 years I have made latkes for Hanukkah.  My husband was raised Jewish and we try to incorporate the Jewish holidays in to our Christian beliefs.  It's important to us that our half-Jewish kids know about their Jewish heritage and how Judaism and Christianity intersect.  Apparently, potatoes are a big part of that heritage (joking!). After 8 years of tweaking and trying and getting just OK latkes, I have finally gotten it right! I also decided to add carrots (and you could add in zucchini, too) just up the vegetable ante. The Perfect Latkes (or Potato Pancakes)   Author: Camille Gabel Recipe type: Main, Side dish Save Print ... [read more]

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