Sewing Projects: A Doll Dress

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After I posted my Pinterest inspired doll craze, I finally got out my sewing machine and set to work!  I knew that a dress would be easy so I started there.  I wanted a pattern without sleeves because putting in sleeves is just something I did not want to tackle (I’ve done it once and my mom had to finish them for me I got so frustrated!).

I started with a pillow-case styled dress I found for free on Liberty Jane.  And then, being the expert seamstress I am, I changed the pattern.

First, instead of making my own trim for around the arm holes, I used purchased double wide bias tape.  I actually tried to make my own and even sewed it, but missed the dress completely!  Then I realized that what I made looked like bias tape so I pulled out some I had on hand and it worked really well.  Bias tape is expensive, though, so making this yourself would probably be a cheaper option. I’m just not quite there yet!

The second change I made was with the ties. I didn’t see any reason to make a tie when I could just use ribbon.  No need to reinvent the wheel, you know? I just used some orange that I had on hand it works great! I did use fray check on the ribbon ends so that they don’t fray.

The last change I made was with the hem.  I’m sure doubling it up would look nice, but by the time I got there, I just wanted to be done. So I just fold the edge up once and sewed.  I did think about sewing more bias tape on the hem, but since it is expensive, I didn’t want to waste it.

I learned a lot making this dress! The pattern seems to make some assumptions that every sewer would know, but I didn’t.  For example, I sewed the hem with the wrong side out.  It was obvious after I did it that I should have sewed it with the right side facing out!  But no big deal.  It’s a doll’s dress after all and that’s why I love sewing them — no one cares if I make a mistake.

This dress is intended for an 18″ doll but as you can see, it fits a full sized Cabbage Patch just fine.  My daughter was elated with the dress! She spent 15 minutes hugging and thanking me for making it.  Then she asked if I could make her doll a  Princess Jasmine costume for Halloween!  We’ll see about that!

After I took this picture, Ella asked, “Did my doll smile?”

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