Reindeer Handprint Shirt

This adorable reindeer handprint shirt is an easy way to make a personal Christmas shirt!  Just trace your child’s hands and feet. Then use an iron on adhesive to iron the reindeer on to the shirt.  Add some buttons, puffy paint, and a bow and you have a quick, no sew shirt ready for your holiday celebrations.

Reindeer Handprint Shirt

It’s that time of year when we switch our focus from turkeys to reindeer.  This shirt is adorable, can be made for any size and is super, super easy! Even if you aren’t crafty, I promise you can make this. I found all the items I needed at my Walmart but I’m sure Hobby Lobby or Jo-Anns has it all as well!

I think it would be cute to get a plain tree skirt and put new reindeer on each year as the children grow to document how their little hands and feet grew! Or these would be fun on placemats or even a table cloth. The possibilities are endless.


1 package, NO SEW, WASHABLE Heat N Bond (about $2)

1/2  yard of brown cotton fabric (I used broadcloath)

1 shirt

3 buttons — one for the nose and 2 for the eyes; or big googly eyes and a pom-pom for the nose

Washable fabric paint in the color of your choice


Trace both hands and one foot on to the back of the Heat N Bond.

Iron the Heat N Bond (sticky side down — the package will have directions) on to the fabric using no steam and medium heat. Depending on your fabric, you may have “right” and “wrong” side. Iron on to the “wrong” side.

Cut out the hand and foot prints.

Peel the backing off your hand prints and place them on the shirt the way you want them to look.  I like to put the thumbs on the inside next to each other.

Iron each piece for 5-8 seconds until bonded. I sometimes use a towel between the pieces and the iron just to be careful I don’t burn anything!

Hand sew on the buttons for eyes and nose. Or you can glue on some big googly eyes and a pom-pom, but I’m not sure they will wash well! Sewing a button is easy — just criss cross until it’s secure!

Put a piece of wax paper inside the shirt and then puffy paint an outline around the reindeer. Allow to dry for a few hours.

If this is for a boy, you are done! If you want you can add a bow for a little girl — just pin it on using a safety pin

Source: Southern Plate

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    Absolutely LOVE this!!! What a great keepsake. and so easy!

    Thank you for linking this up at Thursday Obsessions by Glued To My Crafts. When you get the chance, I have another linkup party with a Christmas theme. I think this (as well as your other posts) would be great on there. For each linkup, you get a chance to win a starbucks gift card. Hope to see your creations there!

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    This handprint project is also just amazing. You do a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of small children in your holiday creations. Thanks so much for sharing at the homemade holiday party!



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