Horton Hears A Who Clover Craft

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday with this cute and fun Horton the Elephant craft! One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to sit on my dad’s lap as he read Dr. Seuss books.  We had quite the collection! But it wasn’t until I had kids […]

Need help avoiding "hanger"? Print this free fitness and food planner to help plan meals, track food and water, schedule work outs and more!

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of a Blog Blast for Influence Central. I read somewhere online that the sales of lettuce and kale hits a peak at the beginning of January and declines by the end of the month.  That means most people […]

Don't let cold and flu season catch you unprepared! Stock up on these handy items - and services - to make life easier when the crud hits.

Be prepared for cold and flu season this year by planning ahead and stocking up on these must have items to keep your family comfortable. It’s just about upon us – the dreaded cold and flu season. I know it’s coming and yet every single year when the […]

This fun bark recipe is perfect for a princess party! Decorate melted chocolate with colors and sprinkles to create a one of a kind candy.

Make any little girl’s day special with this rainbow fairy bark recipe! This bark is fun when paired with a doll cake for a special party. My daughter is all girl.  She’s still waiting for her mermaid tail and fairy wings to appear. Any day, now! She loves […]

Kids love to paint and they will love this easy kids craft! Paint muffin liners to make pretty flowers perfect for Mother's Day, a friend, neighbor or grandparent.

Afraid of any craft for kids that involves paint? Me, too! But fear no more with these beautiful paper watercolor flowers.  The kids get to paint and you get to enjoy a stress free craft. My kids love absolutely any craft that involves paint.  I personally find painting […]

Homemade potato chips are quick and easy to make with just a potato, oil and salt! Thinly sliced potatoes are fried in a little oil for a few minutes. You won't believe how delicious these are!

This is easy potato chip recipe only needs potatoes, oil and salt to create the perfect snack! Or, pair your homemade potato chips with an amazing artisan sandwich from our partner, Better Bakery. My kids love to ask where food comes from. Steak is from a cow. Chicken […]

Have a left over bottle of Bailey's Irish cream? Use it up with one of these delicious Irish cream recipes! From cakes to smoothies - you're sure to find a winner.

Use up that bottle of Bailey’s Irish cream with these amazing and delicious Irish cream recipes! We’ve all done it – bought a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream (or made a batch of homemade Irish cream!) for one thing (usually a yummy cocktail) and then wondered “what do I do […]

My Floor Style on the App Store

Replacing the cheap beige builder grade carpeting in our home has been an ongoing process.  A seven year ongoing process to be exact.   We finally have the main living areas of the downstairs squared away, but that leaves just the entire rest of the house.  The problem […]

Easy Knitted Discloth

This knit dishcloth pattern is an easy project for any level knitter.  All you need is cotton yarn, needles and a basic knowledge of a few knitting terms.  These knit dishcloths make wonderful gifts for anyone in your life! I took up knitting eight years ago.  I was […]

Working with Bloggers

Hey! Brands! Yes, YOU! I know, I don’t normally write posts just for you, but today it’s your turn to be in the spot light. When I started blogging 9 years ago, I just wanted to share photos and milestones of our growing family with friends and family […]