Sometime in August we ran out of olive oil.  I didn’t think much of it since we also have a lot of coconut oil and grapeseed oil in the house.  Certainly we could just make do with those, right?

WRONG!  We missed our olive oil!  We make a lot of homemade dressings, pastas and pizzas and we really like the flavor that olive oil brings to those dishes.  It just wasn’t the same with it.  So this past week I finally bought more olive oil and my pantry, and my husband,  is much happier with it in there.

So what kind of olive oil do I use? I try to buy organic extra virgin oil.  There is some debate in the cooking world about heating up and cooking with extra virgin, but I do it.   Like most foods, the better the brand, the better tasting the product and the same is true of olive oil.  I tend to be a snob when it comes to anything Mediterranean and I buy the best I can afford.

I was recently introduced to O&CO.’s olive oils and Mediterranean specialties.  Although I have not had an opportunity to try O&CO.’s products yet, they look terrific.  Founded in 1996, O&CO.s mission is to provide customer with the finest olive oils and Mediterranean food products in stores and online.  While olive oils serve as the foundation, O&CO. also offers an exclusive collection of vinegars, tapenades, spreads, crackers, and sweets as well as an organic skincare range that showcase the flavors and the spirit of the Mediterranean.

AND they are having a sale this weekend to celebrate their 16th Anniversary! I love a sale especially when I want to try a new product and this one looks amazing.  Just the coupon code “FOODIE16” through October 16th to get 16% off your entire order!


This sponsorship is brought to you by O&CO. who we have partnered with for this promotion.  But all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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