May the 4th Be With You {Pinterest Version}

So today is one of our favorite DATES on the calendar — May 4th.  We are huge Star Wars fans so you know, it’s just fun. Or we’re just weird, which is probably the case.  In honor of May FOURTH, I though I’d share some of my favorite Star Wars pins from Pinterest. I have a Stars Wars board (that needs some love!) if you want to follow along!

How about a little Star Wars dinner to start!


Some printable fun. I actually printed these out but we never got around to making them.



These lightsaber popsicle cozies are perfect for summer!



We used this for homeschool this year and my kids still play with the packet!



I really have no words for the Han Solo ice cube trays.



A few years ago my husband painted a set of The Incredibles wood peg dolls so I KNOW he could do these!



I could go on all day with Star Wars goodness, but I’ll stop there!

So tell me…. are you fan?


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