LEGO On the Go: The LEGO YouTube Channel

I knew pretty much the minute that I found out I was pregnant with a boy that at some point in the next 13 years, I would end up with LEGOs in my home. It was inevitable. And secretly, I was pleased! I pretend to grumble along with my husband about stepping on small toys on the floor, but as one of three girls growing up who never had LEGOs – I was dying to have them in our home!

My son is now 4 and he’s not quite ready for the traditional LEGOs. He has a couple of nice Duplo sets that he loves, though. But I’m ready for some LEGO building! Thankfully, you don’t have to own LEGOs, or it turns out be a boy, to be a LEGO fan. Case in point:

LEGO Club Magazine


That would be a LEGO Club Magazine with the front cover torn off from so much reading and playing! Both of my kids, my son and my 6 year old daughter, just adore the LEGO Club Magazine and fight over it when it arrives. They take the magazine everywhere with them for at least a week until it starts falling apart, which is a bummer for everyone because it distracts them when we are out and about.

So I was super excited to discover the LEGO YouTube channel. We can take LEGO on the go and they won’t fall apart. The LEGO YouTube channel has over 500 videos with more videos for kids with more being added daily. That’s a lot of choices – everything from how they make LEGOS to mini-movies starring your favorite characters. It’s easy to get overwhelmed! Thankfully, LEGO set up the channel so you can put together your own custom playlists that can be accessed anywhere you go on your mobile device or computer. Hopefully now I can grocery shop in peace!

Making the play list was easy! I’m really not very YouTube savvy, even though I should be, so I just followed the instructions in this nifty infographic.

LEGO YT - infographic

My kids were so excited to sit down and make up our LEGO playlist. Of course, they loved the Star Wars movies a lot. My son really dug the LEGO CITY videos with all the firetrucks and police cars. And now we have LEGO movies that we can watch wherever we go. I often let me kids play on my iPod when we are out running errands and love that they can both watch the LEGO playlists together instead of fighting over what game to play. And the movies don’t fall apart like the magazine does.  We were at my parents when we made our playlist so my mom had the kids make a playlist for her YouTube account so that when the kids are with her, they can watch it on her iPod, too.

Thank you to LEGO and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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