Tired of buying expensive shaving cream? Make your own with just 3 ingredients and essential oils!

Homemade shaving cream with essential oils is quick and easy to make with coconut oil, shea butter, and another oil.  Add essential oils to personalize your shaving cream scent!

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I’ve been wanting to make homemade shaving cream with essential oils for my husband to use for a while. Last week he finally informed me that he was almost out of shaving cream.   I was pretty sure that I had all the ingredients I needed from making homemade lip balm. After doing some research I chose to use the Homemade Shaving Cream from Little House Living as my guide.  If you are looking for DIY anything – Merissa has you covered! She even has great explanations on what kind of shea butter and coconut oil to purchase for your DIY projects.

Young Living Lavender and Peppermint Oils

I did make a few minor adjustment’s to Merissa’s “recipe.”  I knew I wanted to add essential oils (<– click here to check out the AMAZING offer I have on essential oils just for my readers!) to the shaving cream.  My husband loves rosemary peppermint scents mixed together and I really wanted to scent his shaving cream with that, but my rosemary oil hasn’t arrived yet.  So I settled on a lavender and peppermint combination instead.

shaving cream

The ingredients are pretty simple.  The only one you may not have in your pantry is shea butter.  I order mine from Rose Mountain Herbs, but you can find shea butter on Amazon.com as well.   You need coconut oil and shea butter, but the second oil can be any you choose.  I used sunflower oil because I had it on hand to use washing my face.   Avocado oil or even olive oil will work – just don’t use a cooking oil like vegetable or canola oil.

shaving cream

Melt all the ingredients together in a small pan on low.  Remove the pan from heat and add your essential oils. I used 1 drop of lavender.  I used a toothpick to put just a dab of peppermint oil in. Peppermint is a “hot” oil and too much can cause a burning sensation.  Mix the oils in.  The pour the mixture in to a small heat proof container.  I wasn’t exactly sure how much this recipe would make, but it fit well in to a 1 cup container.   I put the lid on it and popped it in the fridge.  I’d say it needs about 4 hours to solidify.

shaving cream

Once the mixture is solid, pop it out in to a large mixing bowl.  It took a bit of prying to get it out but it finally popped out.

shaving cream

Whip the mixture on high speed to add some air and get it nice and fluffy.   This just takes a minute or two.  I used my hand held mixer because I wasn’t sure I wanted to clean up oils off my stand mixer.

shaving cream

That’s it – it’s ready!  I was a little worried about the shaving cream melting as it gets warmer, but we’ve had a few warm days and it’s stayed whipped up in the container.

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Homemade Shaving Cream
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  1. Melt together coconut oil, shea butter and your other oil in a small pot over medium low heat. Stir to help it combine and mix.
  2. Remove mixture from heat. Add in desired essential oils. You may want to use a toothpick to add trace amounts of "hot" oils like peppermint.
  3. Pour the melted mixture in to a 1 cup Tupperware container . Cover the container and refrigerate until hard.
  4. Place the hardened cream in a mixing bowl. Using an electric mixer to whip the cream. Start on low and increase to high speed to get some air in to cream.
  5. Return the whipped shaving cream to your Tupperware container . Seal and use!

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  3. Love this! Essential oils are so neat!