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My Healthy Eating Goals for 2014

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Have you set any healthy eating goals for the new year? Check out my goals for 2014 as I get my family back on track to healthy eating!

Healthy eating

The year 2013 was not my best year when it came to healthy eating. We had a few major changes to our lifestyle that collided to create perfect storm of being busier than I’ve ever been since having kids.  I used to be very diligent about the food my family ate but 2013 was a total bust.  I’ve decided that 2014 will be better and I’ve set three goals to keep us on track with healthy eating in 2014.

healthy eating

Goal 1 – Eat breakfast and lunch: I have been absolutely terrible about eating breakfast and lunch this past year. I’m often so busy working and then getting the kids fed that I don’t bother to eat.  Then I am absolutely starving by dinner time and have no energy to make dinner so we go out. It’s not a good cycle to be in!  This year I’m going to make sure to keep food on hand that I know I’ll eat – including cereal just for Mommy for breakfast. I love Kellogg’s Crispix with fruit and I can have that for breakfast or lunch!

brussel sprouts

Goal 2 – Eat more veggies:  We used to go to the farmer’s market every single Saturday and stock up on veggies, but we got out of the habit and our veggie intake went way down.  We need to eat more veggies at all our meals. Spinach is easy to hide in smoothies at breakfast. Keeping raw veggies like carrot sticks on hand for lunches helps us get more veggies there. Then I try to serve 2-3 vegetable side dishes at dinner. I just have to make sure to have lots of vegetables on hand to cook.  Roasted brussel sprouts are one of my kids favorite veggies to have with dinner.

healthy eating

Goal 3 – Plan a menu: I have an entire post on how to plan a menu so I know how to plan menu but I just got lazy and stopped doing it.  Planning a menu helps me keep track of what we’ve eaten and when so we don’t have baked chicken three nights in a row. It also helps me plan my grocery shopping and stay within my food budget. I do find it easier to plan out breakfast and lunch (see Goal #1!) but even just planning out dinner helps.  I usually try to vary my dinners – chicken, beef, fish, meatless, etc and menu planning helps me do that. Every once in a while I’ll do a themed week, too.  International weeks when we try new foods from other countries are a family favorite!

Team Kellogg’s shares the tips above for meeting your healthy eating goals.  Do you have any healthy eating goals this year? Make sure to check out more tips at!

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This article may contain affiliate links.

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  • Crystal
    January 25, 2014

    We declared 2014 as the year we get healthy and make it a lifestyle. So far, we have done great. We go out to eat twice a month. We are feeling much better and have lost some weight. Good luck!! You can do it!!