Easy Halloween Decorations: Fabric Strip Wreath

This wreath is one of the easiest Halloween decorations you’ll ever make.  All you need is a few simple craft supplies and time to make this Halloween wreath.  Thank you to Jo-Ann for supporting my crafting habit and sponsoring this post!

Easy Halloween Wreath


I’m very excited to be working with Jo-Ann Fabrics for the next few months in a series of Celebrate the Seasons holiday craft posts.  Of course, we’re starting off with Halloween decorations.  I’m not a huge fan of super spooky or scary Halloween decorations. I prefer the cutesy pumpkins and candy.  I also don’t own a Halloween wreath so this was the perfect opportunity to go to Jo-Ann’s and get creative.

This Halloween wreath is super, ultra simple to make.  It requires no real crafting skills at all – just the ability to cut and tie.  In fact, I had my 7 year old help me tie on the fabric strips.


Halloween decoration

The first thing you need is fabric.  I purchased 1 1/4 yards of 5 different materials.  I used three prints and two solids. I didn’t use all the material on my wreath so I think 1 yard of each would suffice.

Halloween decorations

You will also need one of these awesome wire wreath forms.  I had never seen or used these before and I love them! This is a 16″ form but there are several sizes.  The best part is that the form is only $2.49!

Halloween decorations

Cut each fabric in to 6 inch long by 1 inch wide strips.  You definitely want these on the longer, rather than shorter side, to make them easier to tie.   I am terrible at figuring out how to measure and cut so some of my strips were more 5 inches by 1 inch and they were hard to tie.

Once you have all your fabric strips cut, just start tying the strips around the wreath.  I started at the outer edge and worked my way in.  I left the inner most circle plain, but you can’t tell at all.

Halloween decorations

I wanted something in the middle of the wreath and I searched Jo-Ann high and low for just the right center piece.  When I saw this “G” I knew I had it!

Halloween decorations

I’m absolutely thrilled with how my Halloween wreath turned out.  I also love how easy it is to make for any holiday.




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      I just went with my sister to JoAnn to get materials. She spent $60 to make 6 wreaths, but I think it’s less than that. She got a few packages of bells for the middle of her wreaths that were a bit pricey. So $10 tops (with coupons and sales!). You won’t need 1 1/4 yards of material. I’ve made 1 18″ wreath and another smaller one and still have tons of material left. I’d get 1/2 -3/4 yard of each for 1 wreath.

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    This is so freaking adorable and easy to make! And thank you SO MUCH for the Jo-Ann coupon – it’s the only craft store I go to! :)


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