Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway Blog Hop

I’m so excited to bring you A Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway hosted by My Merry Messy Life, Earning-My-Cape and Tutus & Tea Parties!

Each blogger is offering her/his own giveaway of crafting supplies or handmade items valued at $25 or more. This giveaway hop will run through Sunday, November 4, 2012.

I have two prizes to giveaway and both will go to ONE lucky winner!

The first prize is a $50 gift certificate to Stitched By Melody‘s Etsy shop!  Melody specializes in handspun yarn and one of a kind,  hand knit clothing items.  I love, love knitting with her yarn!  Melody’s Etsy shop is closed from October 21-23 because she’s at Rhinebeck selling her yarn so don’t panic if you can’t see anything when you head over there!

A Crafter's Christmas Giveaway

The second prize is sponsored by  I really love’s fabulous art supplies and I’m so excited that they are back again to sponsor this giveaway! is giving away a great kit of art supplies including  Iron On Glitter Sheets (that I used to make Halloween Trick or Treat bags!), a Rock and Roll Iron On Transfer pack, Glitter body art set, Americana bandana and a floral iron on appliqué.  That’s a lot of fabulous crafting!

To enter the giveaway, please fill out the Rafflecopter below.

Now go enter more giveaways and win some crafty goodness!


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170 comments on “Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway Blog Hop

  1. I was checking to see when you were going to pick a winner.

    • Hi, Ann! Working on it. I give winners 48 hours to respond so I have to wait 2 days before I pick a new one. That’s the case here. Just waiting to hear back and confirm.

  2. I want my kids to be able to have a good Christmas

  3. Auri Lae on said:

    Some decent sleep – we just had our first baby 3 weeks ago and that sounds like heaven!

  4. I want to make it the best ever for my nieces and nephew

  5. laurie on said:

    i wish for health and our family being together thats what i want for christmas

  6. Michelle on said:

    a nicer camera

  7. I’d love a nicer camera for Christmas

  8. katklaw777 on said:

    I luv to get books for xmas!

  9. Lisa R on said:

    A Keurig Coofee Maker

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  10. I really want a flat screen TV or Monitor for my computer. Or a couch. =D
    Tina ‘the book lady’ recently posted..Shapely Girl Fitness ~ Final ThoughtsMy Profile

  11. Darlene Owen on said:

    I am looking forward to getting together with my grandchildren,presents for them is what is important.

  12. Kylie C on said:

    I’m hoping to get a needlepoint stand this Christmas!

  13. Sam Stamp on said:

    Gift cards and such….But what I really want is to have fun with my family!

  14. Andrea on said:

    I would love a new phone, I’ve had a shattered screen for a month now!

  15. I would love a Silhouette for Christmas :)
    Brandie ( recently posted..Oven Baked Chicken Cheesesteak SandwichesMy Profile

  16. Sherry Compton on said:

    The best things are the healthy, happy family…monetary items would be plane tickets to see my grand kids and a manicure would be great! Merry Early Christmas everyone!

  17. micheal dale grim on said:

    all i want this year is to be together with my entire family!!!

  18. I love getting books for Christmas and I’m also trying to manifest a car with good gas mileage or a tiny RV to live in. :)

  19. Kids that are happy with the spirit of Christmas, not just wanting presents. Great competition too, thanks for hosting.

  20. I would like to just have a fun day with my family.

  21. I’d like some new clothes!

  22. Any kind of present from my husband would be great, he forgot last year.

  23. I really want a KitchenAid stand mixer!
    Courtney P. recently Review & Giveaway (Ends 11/15)My Profile

  24. Jenny Stanek on said:

    A professional massage

  25. Great blog! New follwer here, can’t wait to come back and read more. To the perosn who said they wanted a Brothers PE770, I have one and it has been nothing but problems, I have had to send it back four time to be fixed and I am still having problems.

  26. Love your blog! I subscribed toyour e-mail and can’t wait to see your updates. Thanks for the opportunity to “meet” you!

  27. Danijela on said:

    Amazing giveaway!!!i would love for Christmas bag full of yarn and new home for us.

  28. Kim Reid on said:

    I would love a new sewing machine – Thanks!

  29. Hopefully I win one of these!! good luck everyone

  30. I would love a serger!

  31. Christine Jensen on said:

    Yarn :) I love to crochet and I love having new, fun yarn :)

  32. Kris D. on said:

    I’d like a CD player for my kitchen.

  33. Racquel S on said:

    A sewing machine!

  34. What do I want for Christmas? The same thing that Lucy alawys wants for her birth day – real etate!

  35. Stephanie S. on said:

    More yarn, Size 7 knitting needles, more tatting supplies, a new tatting shuttle (or twelve, LOL), and… and.. No, I think that’s it. :-/

  36. jamie w on said:

    i would love some yarn so i can learn how to do different crochet stitches

  37. Love the giveaway!! I would like new boots for Christmas!!
    Connie from Sadieloohoo
    Connie recently posted..
    Halloween HatMy Profile

  38. Melanie Schemanski on said:

    I really haven’t given it any thought. What I love is when my family plays games together and has fun. The time spent together is what I want most

  39. Vickie Lilley on said:

    A Furby! and no snow so I can travel.

  40. Vanessa on said:

    I want my husband home. He’s a truck driver and gone ALOT.

  41. I want a vacation!!
    Kristi recently posted..Is Your Family Physically Literate?My Profile

  42. Claire on said:

    A rice cooker lol

  43. Linda S. on said:

    I would love to have a Dyson Vacuum and a Kitchen Aid mixer

  44. That’s the question my family is always asking me, and I almost never have an answer. This year I’d probably say a new Lilla Rose flexi clip. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sarah recently posted..Lilla Rose Sale!!My Profile

  45. Some things for my birthday ring and another picture frame (specific one)

  46. For Christmas? A sewing machine, and a clutter-free house!

  47. Yarn and a paid knitting class

  48. I would love for someone to clean my house for me.
    Tonia Jeffery recently posted..Sugar Baby: Dulce de LecheMy Profile

  49. richelle bowers on said:

    my two front teeth lol

  50. I’d love to have a dslr camera for Christmas, but it’s WAY expensive & I don’t think I could even convince myself to buy it.

  51. amanda s on said:

    yarn lots of yarn!

  52. Debbie H on said:

    I want a rigid heddle loom! Thanks

  53. I really want a Brother PE770 Embroidery machine for Christmas.

  54. Rebecca on said:

    at the moment i want to figure out how to get my hands on the patterns for this: i think it would not only be fun to knit but also help me at school:)

  55. Judy Hunting on said:

    I want the DVD Magic Mike for Christmas

  56. I would love all of my family to be together for Christmas, but with work commitments, that rarely happens. But that’s ok, we just get an extra Christmas – on another day!

  57. may chang on said:

    What do i want for Christmas…hmm…I want more yarn! and some work clothes!

    Thanks for the giveaway =)

  58. Christina on said:

    I want new running shoes and gifts for my girls.

  59. I would like an OttLite for Christmas so I can see my knitting projects better!

  60. I would like my Dad to have a good Christmas. It’s his first Christmas in a nursing home – he’s 93 – and I’m worried that he will feel sad. A good day for Dad would be a lovely Christmas present for me.

  61. A complete set of Options needles from Knit Picks…. which are on sale right, so I guess Christmas just came early!

  62. I dont ask for much at Christmas, as long as I have quality time with family and friends I’m happy, but this year I’m very tempted to ask for a yarn club subscription of some kind …!

  63. Yarn and lots of it:)

  64. jessicac on said:

    I would love one of those subscription gifts of beauty or natural products that you get every month..or even better a yarn CSA!

  65. Morgan F. on said:

    I am looking forward to sleeping in and getting to spend time with my family.

  66. My husband and I don’t exchange Christmas gifts, so my wish is always for as many friends and family members as possible to join us for a laid back party.

  67. knittingdancer on Ravelry on said:

    Besides a new car, I would have to have some yarn.

  68. I would like good health for all my family and friends, World Peace, and a bit of knitting yarn.

  69. Yarn and/or some knitting needles.

  70. Christy on said:

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog, and I will definetly be back! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  71. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!

  72. A new sewing machine.

  73. I want a knitting project kit from KnitPicks!

  74. Kenyetta on said:

    I want a swift for Christmas!

  75. Mel brock on said:

    a new laptop

  76. Tabitha on said:

    I want a canoe!

  77. My whole family to be safe and together :)
    Zoe Lee recently posted..Giveaway from Wrap with Jolene, 15,000 fan giveaway!My Profile

  78. I love blog giveaways especially during the holiday season.
    Rona recently posted..Jessica Biel’s Pink Wedding Dress~ Love It!My Profile

  79. K. Ishibashi on said:

    Hmmm… I want a handmade purse from my sis for Christmas.

  80. all i would love for christmas is peace with hubby

  81. Craftgirl on said:

    I’d love snow for Christmas…

  82. Hmmm…. A quiet night with my hubby!! LOL
    Ellen C. recently posted..#A-Crafters-Dream-Christmas-GiveawayMy Profile

  83. I would like our move to CO to be finished :)
    Kisha recently posted..Organizing my thoughtsMy Profile

  84. I would love a Kindle Fire for Christmas! Other than that I would have to say 2 little girls who have learned not to bicker all the time :)
    Jen V recently posted..Make Your Own Doll Plates From Canning LidsMy Profile

  85. brandy boone on said:

    All I want for Christmas is to be able to surprise my Dad with a Keurig!!

  86. Suzanne B on said:

    I would like my living room painted.

  87. Elizabeth on said:

    Just a good time with my family. :)

  88. yarn is always good. If not yarn, then money to buy yarn :^)

  89. amy guillaume linderman on said:

    a new mixer

  90. brandi on said:

    world peace, of course

  91. I would love a Schwinn bike, a stand up freezer and a Microsoft Surface for Christmas
    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia recently posted..Review and giveaway: Purex plus OxiMy Profile

  92. Jessia R. on said:

    I’d like a boyfriend for Christmas..

  93. I want yarn for Christmas!

  94. I would LOVE a video camera for Christmas.
    April Harvell recently posted..Love of my Life!!! :-)My Profile

  95. I’m hopeful for a few clothes that fit :)
    Sara Pearsall recently posted.."The Mom Stays in the Picture"My Profile

  96. Laura Lane on said:

    Journibles or candles

  97. A job would be nice
    amanda r recently posted..Blog artMy Profile

  98. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) on said:

    I have already got my Christmas gift, my husband & son got me a new computer.

  99. I just want enough $$ to pay for Christmas! :)

  100. It would take a miracle but I really want a serger.

  101. Money and books :)

  102. Melissa Storms on said:

    I have wanted some beautiful handspun fingering weight yarn to make myself a cowl for a while now :)

  103. Michelle Bowers on said:

    For Christmas I want my family to be happy and healthy!

  104. elven johnson on said:

    My craft room set up!!!

  105. More craft supplies!!

  106. Jamie Brown on said:

    I am so looking forward to making wonderful things as gifts for Christmas this year!! My kids have been bugging me like crazy. I love that they want me to make them stuff and are proud to tell their friends I did. :)

  107. For Christmas, I’d love to get a new tea kettle…or something homemade!

  108. I love your Blog and Fantastic Giveaway

  109. Sharon on said:

    I would like an iPad or a new laptop for Christmas.

  110. In my wildest dreams I would LOVE a silhouette cameo!! he,he
    Kadie recently posted..A Crafters Dream Giveaway #ACraftersDreamMy Profile

  111. pilar roy on said:

    What do I want for Christmas????
    A clean house and lots of yarn :)

  112. Marie Eisenhower on said:

    I would love a gift certificate to the local yarn store. But mostly I just want to spend time with family and be healthy.
    I an overcoming Non Hogdkins Lymphoma . So I realize it’s the little things that count. And I am so blessed to be here for another year to share with my family.

  113. of course i want all the important things like happy and healthy children and if that is all i get, my christmas is complete, but i really want one of 3 things: a vita-mixer, a kitchenaid mixer, or a macbook pro. i am definitely not asking for much! ha!
    Joni recently talk: 31 movies for halloweenMy Profile

  114. LunaRaven on said:

    I really want a DSLR, but I don’t think my family could afford it. Instead, I’ll probably ask for books. I’m a big book worm!

  115. I want new clothes for Christmas!
    Brooke B. recently posted..Jennie Bishop’s Planned Purity Interview & GiveawayMy Profile

  116. Amber Nara on said:

    A Bike It would be so great to go on bike rides with my kids!!

  117. Michele Behlen on said:

    A special day with my family.

  118. Andi S on said:

    A vacation with my husband

  119. Susan Mitchell on said:

    I am dying for a bigger bad-ace sewing machine; one with embroidery too would be just lovely.
    Susan Mitchell recently posted..I’m not done!!My Profile

  120. Jennifer B on said:

    I want an ipad for christmas

  121. Ana Marcela Herrera on said:

    I want health hapiness prosperity and an Ipad.

  122. Darlene Ysaguirre on said:

    Id like a michael kors purse

  123. I would love to get a new camera.

  124. I would love some yarn! Not that I need more! :)

  125. I would love some yarn for Christmas! Not that I need more! :)

  126. I’m not that into receiving presents, but if I had to choose I’d say yarn 😀
    Tanya recently posted..Caturday XXXIMy Profile

  127. Chelsea W on said:

    I’d love some yarn! :-)

  128. Not sure what I want for Christmas…a way out of my financial problems would help!
    Paula McLane Jennings recently posted..The Birthday SurpriseMy Profile

  129. Craft supplies would be nice.

  130. Would love some yarn :) I enjoy knitting.

  131. Rachael Henzman on said:

    I just want some money so we can fix up our new house :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. Catalina on said:

    For christmas a trip!

  133. gift cards to a few places.

  134. marthalynn on said:

    I would love a cappuccino maker!

  135. This Christmas, I want a new pair of Toms.
    Megan Hall recently posted..#ACrafter’sDream Christmas GiveawayMy Profile

  136. Peggy Gibbs on said:

    I’d love to have some new clothes made by a seamstress. I try to guy clothes in the stores and they don’t fit right.
    Thanks for a nice giveaway.

  137. I would love a new camera, but I know I won’t be getting that lol

    <3 Melissa
    Melissa recently posted..This Is What a Vegan Eats #2My Profile

  138. I want yarn for Christmas

  139. I’d like to have a mellow day with just me and my hubby with no computers or cell phones!
    (And I’d like a facial but that’s the easy part!)
    Mary recently posted..Homegrown Sprouts!My Profile

  140. I want a happy family!

  141. Guinevere S on said:

    For Christmas I just really want my kids to be happy and feel loved :-)

  142. There really isn’t anything I “need”…so I just want save travels for my family who are all getting together for Christmas, and the building of more wonderful memories. In terms of “stuff”…a few gift certificates to help me buy more crafty goodness would be nice. :-)
    Karie {Girl Going Country} recently posted..My First Crochet ProjectMy Profile

  143. Georgette(Gigi) on said:

    I really, really want a Keurig!

  144. First and foremost, I still want a Silhouette Cameo…..and I still want an Ipad. I doubt it will happen, but…..
    Great prize! Thanks for this chance to win!
    Trinity recently posted..A Crafter’s Dream Christmas Giveaway Hop!My Profile

  145. I’m so excited about this giveaway since my friends are teaching me to knit now! :)
    Christy recently posted..In Support of TearsMy Profile

  146. Rhonda B. on said:

    Happy, healthy family! :)

  147. joanne gentry on said:

    I would really like a trip back home to see family :)

  148. Becky Greene on said:

    I want an iPad (…still… )

  149. A projector for making images big!
    Heather S. recently posted..Holiday Appetizers Made Easy {Giveaway}My Profile

  150. I’d like an ipad!

  151. Dominique on said:

    I’d like a new pair of boots. (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)

  152. Great giveaway!! I love hand knit items, and this yarn look yummy!
    Miranda recently posted..~ #A Crafters Dream Giveaway ~ A Custom BagMy Profile

  153. I’d love a new car for Christmas!

  154. Sounds corny, but just to be with my family:)
    Heather Paulding recently posted..A Crafter’s Dream X-mas Giveaway {Soaper’s Delight}My Profile

  155. i would love a laptop!

  156. Vikki Billings on said:

    I just want to be able to get gifts for my kids and grandkids!

  157. a puppy. :)
    dailydealsjc at gmail dot com

  158. Tonya RMc on said:

    happy kids!! lol